I'm gonna self ban for awhile


Given the health implications of my family, the pressure I feel to not ‘blow off steam’ in silly ways here, the betrayal of another friend, and my own shitty life choices I probably need to concentrate my thoughts elsewhere.

I sincerely appreciate the awesome support, gifts, rumchata, and good nature you happy mutants have given me. I really, sincerely do. @OtherMichael you in particular have been amazing.

But now I get to move on from surreal jokes to figuring out how to save a persons health, not lose our house, and not get divorced.

If anyone needs to get ahold of me, OtherMichael has my deets.

@falcor, while I will un-authenticate, will you give me a courtesy several week ban? I will be back, but I need to get things in order.


Sad to hear it —and all the best for a speedy fix for your problems. :worried:


Good luck dealing with those challenges. I have been on here a lot less lately also as I try to get things together.


Good on you to prioritize the important things. Hope all goes well for you.


Sorry to hear about your difficulties.

You’ll be in my thoughts, man. Good luck.


I, too, hope you fix it. Good luck from Blighty.


Ironically, @japhroaig, you were my inspiration for being “quieter” (not coming to the BBS as much) this week.

Good luck, and G-d speed, my friend!

(Hey, this wasn’t because I shamed you for not owning a kecska duda, was it?)


Certainly. And I do hope you are able to sort these things out and come back to us soon. If you are ready to come back sooner, just contact me.


Crap. I’m sorry things have gotten so bad. We’ll all be thinking good thoughts at you and I really hope things work out on your end…


If you need a quick check-in with crazy mutants who have gotten to know you but are simultaneously outsiders to your life, hopefully your self-ban doesn’t prohibit you from sending private messages via this system. Running things by others can be a useful technique in tough times.


go take care of your family and yourself. we will still be here being weird and flagging the trolls to keep @falcor fed. stay sane and stay weird. and do drop back in when things get better.


What ^they^ said. Take care, man.


You know, since he’s already gone, this is the perfect time for smack-talking jazz flautists.

That is, about them.


Be well.




Damn. See you in a few weeks.


Same here - this is my first comment for a couple of weeks, although I’ve visited occasionally since then. I went on a spontaneous cycling trip to Prague, almost completely set up the garden for the summer, sorted out some issues with a few family members and project managers and managed to get some more work, which had been a problem. I have a few more things to work on and probably won’t be back for a bit, but @japhroaig was actually the one who inspired me to start dealing with stuff that I’d been ignoring. Good luck over the next while, hope you’re able to sort these issues out.


I hope everything works out OK


Wow! Pausing BoingBoing might be the best lifehack so far.


and on that note. Later all. It’s been fun. I’m sure I’ll be back.