I'm streaming a couple hours of 'Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic'

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I am not making a twitch account just to razz your gameplay.


I wouldn’t bother, there isn’t really any game play. It’s kinda just a story you run thru


I did watch for a bit… then got distracted with making brownies and the wife queuing up Gilbert Gottfried talking about character actors.

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This is seen as heretical in CRPG communities, but KOTOR is basically a JRPG with a different interface.

I never understood the WRPG-JRPG holy wars, I liked the differences of both styles.


I love this approach to turn based rpg videogaming. I am glad to find I enjoyed 3.5 of the 4 hrs I played or so. I need to get up and move around a bit more…

I am very curious to see if I get into this enough to find a machine that’ll let me play/stream the KOTOR2 Restored version. I think it has to be Mac or PC, my lap top might do it.

This is a lot easier for me to navigate than I remember.


Dude - have fun I ran through the game twice back in the day. The 2nd time I unlocked characters I didn’t even know about.

Yes, it is hella fun turning to the dark side.

Have fun, man! What are you playing it on? Maybe I should do it again…

Also, FYI, they made mini for some of the characters back in the day for the Star Wars Minis game.


I am back at it this AM. Making some tea and the stream will go live.

The game is much more fun than I remembered. I woke up happy to hear rain (aiyiyi) and am gearing up.


I lost a lot of hours to Kotor, both on pc and og Xbox. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d rather have some of those brownies.

Yet another game I never got around to. Planescape: Torment first, though.

Is this another case where there’s a stockpile of significant mods that greatly enhance the experience?

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