Streaming 2003's Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: I am a padawan


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I can’t imagine doing a livestream of this: I’m the guy who stops to read all the item descriptions.


Such a good game.


Playing the numerous mods isn’t such a thing with KOTOR, most of the best known ones exit purely to get it running properly on a newer PC. And the less known ones are of the routine sort. Cheaty stuff, new weapons sets, a few fan made missions.

Now KOTOR 2 is the one with the famous mod material. Because mods and fan patches fixed a shit ton of bugs the devs never got to, and restored a bunch of content that was mostly finished but cut from the game. There’s a shockingly big bit of the official game you can only access that way. Or what was intended to be the official game.


I let the scenes all play out and I do enough talking to NPCs to make sure I’m getting the gist, but I try not to examine everything and I totally forget to loot areas completely.

I got to Dantooine and am about to built my lightsaber! I had to stand up after 90 min and will pick the game up again later this week.


“One of the most beloved video games of all time” and “left forgotten by all but the most knowing fans” kinda seem mutually exclusive.


For the better. Every RPG I play becomes a game of “how much trash can I carry before I have to increase my strength stat?”


I think I cost myself some good armor but I’m the most badass sith of all time, who cares?


I’d worry a bit more about the light saber crystals. It’s been a bit but good armor wasn’t too hard to come by IIRC. A lot of the best ones are looted off enemies, and the other ones show up repeatedly.

But some of the better light saber crystals can be hard to come by. Most of them are in pretty obviously forcey places, and a lot of them are also looted off corpses though. So skipping the billion crates shouldn’t be a problem.


I don’t want to speak for Jason, but I think what he’s saying is that while it’s definitely one of the most beloved games, its Star Wars lore isn’t well known by people who haven’t played it.


I stopped in for your first stream of this but couldn’t manage to stick around for long. KOTOR is one of those games that I have such a familiarity with min-maxing in that anyone not playing optimally just makes me constantly cringe. Good on you for giving it a play-through here in 2019 though!


Feel free to stop in and tell me how I’m fucking up.

I am just trying to complete the core story, any interesting side missions i get sucked into (I killed Bendik Starkiller) but not be the pedant folks might expect!


I think in general, anyone who associates “correct” or “optimal” gameplay (whether in videogames or tabletop) with min-maxing is Doing It Wrong.


KOTOR was a game I played and re-played at least a dozen times when it was first released. At some point the story and other aspects lose their importance and min-maxing the hell out the game or in some other way artificially enhancing the difficulty becomes the way to play.

Edit: And I’m not getting down on people who are playing to enjoy the story or the basic gameplay. I’m just saying I can’t /watch/ anyone playing that way.


While I’m not watching the stream, I AM playing this game because of this mention. It’s free to play on xbox game pass right now, and I’m a huge Mass Effect and Dragon Age fan so I figured I’d try out the game that set the style for those two.

So far, despite the graphics and animation being straight out of 2003 (bioware doesn’t seem to do a lot of mocap?), it’s good. The realtime auto-attack combat is weird. I’ve never played an RPG where I could set the controller down and win a fight anyway.

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