Image Scrubber is a website that removes EXIF data and blurs faces in photos

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Helpful tech but, really who’s going to take the time?


Whenever I see something like this I wonder if they’re fronts and secretly owned by an agency front company or Palantir or Blackwater.


The page is all open source and can be run offline. I just gave a quick pass through the code and it looks legit


Tha is what I would be concerned about if it was a website and you had to upload data to it. Who is using the data before it is scrubbed?
(As an aside: Palantir would be the more likely candidate. Blackwater Academi is more in the mercenary game.)

It appears though that this is a downloadable tool, and not a website as @frauenfelder had said.

This tool works offline: on a phone you can load the page then turn on airplane mode (or turn off wifi/data) before opening any pictures. On a computer, download the zipped code, open the folder, and open index.html in a browser with the internet turned off.

Whether or not it works as advertised, and does not ship data off after the fact, is another matter. It is on github though, so the code is available for review by anyone with the skills to determine if it is safe to use.


Isn’t the critical bit you’d want to scrub from EXIF data the camera’s GPS coordinates?

Even if you strip that, you’ve still got a photo of the actual location. All someone has to do is match it IRL.

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This app is made by Confidential Image Adaptation. I trust my images with CIA.

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its both. its html that works in a browser but does nothing outside of your browser. technically you can run websites off your own hard drive and thats what you are doing if you choose to use this offline. Farfanugen was not wrong.


which is why the paint or blur part of it is good. hide tattoos and faces and then they only know SOMEONE was there.

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