Immediately replace all your wine glasses and tumblers with these British nonik half-pints

Seconded. Duralex glasses come in many sizes, stack perfectly, break into pebbles and look fantastic. When I broke a Duralex glass in bed and was showered with pebbles instead of shards I switched to nothing but Duralex. We also now use their storage containers and mixing bowls.

I’m frequently able to find them at Goodwill stores, and Cost Plus carries them. Just look for the circle logo!

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Not always…

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You may be confusing Rob with Mr. Toodles, feline housewares expert.


These are proper British half-pints, right? Not wimpy Yank ones?

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10 ounces.

I, for one, will stick to my Bohemian crystal glass nosing glasses for everything which doesn’t contain bubbles. They were 2.5€ per piece.

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I only use cups made by local artists using eco-conscious renewable bamboo pellets for the kiln. The glasses are shaped by a blind man while tibetan throat singing is done live to imbue all my glasses with peaceful energy.


I thought these were the ideal glasses for sawbuck wine… (well, except for their lead content)


Psh, if lead was good enough for the Romans it’s good enough for me!

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Where else do you get drinking glasses from anyway? The only glasses in our house come from pubs, I have one of these to hold water by my bed, it weighs over 600g empty, so it’s not getting knocked over in a hurry.

You need something more indestructible

That’s also very bohemian. (Can your throat singer rap?)

Mine seem to be from a usual factory, but I couldn’t find out more. The packing was just generic. But the glas is good, and the shape prefect for every wine or spirit tasting. Wine from a half-time pint wouldn’t work for me.
Mostly, because I would just gulp it.

Ah bet y’all are usin’ them May-Sun Jars fer yer fancy cocktails and such…

oh, hey, keg lube!

Apparently buying these glasses leads to kegging your own beer, which is awesome, but also well outside my price range right now

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