Dual-chambered beer-glasses for mixing the perfect black-and-tan




Are Black and Tans so hard to make that you need a $31.25 glass?

Have I been doing it wrong?


Hey, I had one of these when I was a kid! Only mine was plastic, came with a double-barreled straw, and cost $3.

It was ostensibly for drinking two different kinds of juice at once. I think I used it twice and then abandoned when I realized that it was easier to just put two different kinds of juice in a normal fucking glass.

So, yeah, a ripoff at a tenth the price. The things people will pay money for…


Please don’t call it a Black and Tan around anyone Irish


Everyone knows that this isn’t for Black and Tans at all – it’s for a more efficient breakfast: orange juice in one half and milk in the other.

Science has shown they have to combine just before they hit your mouth for maximum health.


Please forgive my American Ignorance, but what might a similar beverage be called in Ireland?


I’ve always thought that was an unfortunate name for an unfortunate drink. There’s no accounting for taste. Nice glasses, but really, gravity does all the work.


Here’s why it wouldn’t be called a Black and Tan in Ireland, except maybe by protestants.




Apparently “half and half”


Looks like both sides are going to slosh into your mouth at the same time and work like a mixed drink, where a nicely poored black and tan will have some alternating flavors from start to finish- it’s a journey.
But this concept is nice looking, somebody will buy it and like it.


My thought exactly. Jigs? Where I come from we just pour the stuff. Admittedly, its not Ireland.


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My girlfriend’s family is from Galway and when she went there Black and Tans were a pint of Guiness with a shot (or more!) of Irish whiskey.


Can you get Irish Car Bombs in Ireland?


Only if you can get away with calling two light beers a “Twin Towers” in NYC.


For $31 I can get a used Soxhlet extractor


If you are going to do this you might as well just mix them together with a spoon.


I understand that asking for an Irish Car Bomb in Ireland is a far worse idea than asking for a black and tan.


That is the most revolting thing I’ve heard all day.

I’ll stick to my Black and Tans for breakfast thank you very much.