Immediately replace all your wine glasses and tumblers with these British nonik half-pints

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This has been a public service announcement.



But we’ve been stealing these from pubs for years!
Although rarer to see in pubs now I think about it.


Of course the traditional British half-pint glass is a dimpled tankard.

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That escalated…strangely


I prefer French Duralex glasses, thank you very much.


Let see some product testing Beschizza. It says tempered glass, but i have $0.25 these aren’t half as durable as Duralex glasses.

Push one off the counter and tell us if it breaks. If it doesn’t, see how far of a drop is required to break it, and if the glass actually breaks like tempered glass.

As a Boingboing regular, I have an expectation of high quality. So if you’re going to pimp economical Amazon products, lets see some quality control.


That’s because you stole them all.


This is not a bad idea


And a good excuse to smash glasses


The dimpled pint glasses are great for any cold beverage. The dimple gives you extra grip if the outside of the glass gets wet from condensation.

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Dr Strangelove - A fella could have pretty good weekend in Vegas (Slim Pickens)


Translation: “spend money.”

No thanks, I’ll keep drinking out of this old fruit jar and get enjoyment from having some money in my pocket.


Yes, but some people might be looking to get new glassware for either general home use or for their bar at home. I already have more than enough glasses at home so this is a pass for me, but i do like the style of the linked ones.

A hobbit becomes a man when he no longer drinks from half pints.

“Drinking spaces always excluded women, until fairly recently,” Clare Herrick, a geographer at King’s College London, told me. There was also the idea that “women should drink sweet sherry, or have a half-pint, not a pint.” This, she argues, came from the fear of women becoming more masculine than men, competing with men, drinking the same drinks as men. I remember experiencing the tail-end of this culture when ordering beers as a student. The barman pulled a pint for my male friend and then reached, without asking, for a half-pint glass for me.

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Yeah, when I moved to England I felt I had to gradually work myself up to standard drinking capacity, so for the first few weeks I drank half-pints, and endured huge amounts of ridicule for it.

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I’d rather have a glass that was also a measuring cup, not for exact measuring but to put my ingredients in before I set to cooking. It has saved a few baking projects as a backup. It’s also good when working with kids. It helps them catch mistake, or I can put a piece of tape on the glass where the ingredients should lign up.

The one pictured is way too expensive, and I prefer red marks, and from time to time we find them at places like Cost Plus or on sale elsewhere.

So classy…1wzd0t


Also - just steal them from the pub, you degenerates!

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