Behold the Guzzle Buddy


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Now there needs to be a design for beer bottles since microbrews have made beer more respectable. And also a design for cans.

Hey, Guzzle Buddy designers–call me.


If you’re really classy:

If you’re Zach Galifianakis classy:


I’m at my desk fidgeting and hoping there was Oxyclean nearby.


“Do you find yourself buying larger and larger wine glasses, and maybe even eyeing small flower vases, wondering if they might work as wine glasses


Pah! Courteney Cox invented that in Cougar Town long time ago.



Wine colored clothing. Problem solved!


I’ve already got my preferred drinking accessory


I can eat mine:


And doubles as a… male, autoerotic device? (but then again, what doesn’t?)


Did you pay $15 for that?


Nah, still could work.


My God the pretentiousness.

(Also I hope that Moet & Chandon comes in a pretty little cabinet)


Here’s mine:


The nasty trick about alcoholism is that no matter how classy your booze and delivery mechanism are; the effects are similar.


As a Midwesterner, I can eat that one as well.


Paying $15 for a Colt 45 when you could save money and have something worth drinking by going with the Lagunitas or Dogfish Head?

I. Can’t. Don’t. Even. What?

Is the Wild Irish Rose just not visible because the ‘Red Wine’ section is below the area covered by the photograph?


You’re right. Drinking does make me more popular, wittier and more virile!


Hey, do you want quality or quantity?


Goddamn Hipsters!