Save some water, the Guzzle Buddy attaches right to your bottle of wine


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It could have been designed to prevent backwash fairly easily I think, by having a hollow stem that rises some ways into the bowl of the glass - so when you right the bottle, the wine that’s made it into the bowl is kept there, below the height of the opening…


So much classier than the wine hat:


What do you call a unitasker that handles less than one task?


Whether they’re worried about germs, or wanton displays of low-class behavior, you can make those who aren’t attuned to your relative brand of etiquette a bit more comfortable with the Guzzle Buddy.

They could be worried about how wine needs to breathe out of the container in ways that milk and orange juice don’t. I would be less concerned about how it looks to others and more about how it tastes to the person drinking it.


They need to make a Whiskey version, then we’re talking.


A hemi-tasker :grey_question:


Your main complaint appears to be that the makers of a gag gift did not take the concerns of the serious oenophile into account. I see…


If you’re serious, get a 3L hydration pack with a bite valve. Put the hydration pack into a thermal foil bag and it’ll stay cool.


As a bonus you would’ve made Pythagoras pretty happy.


i was going to buy this as a gift for someone last xmas, but then decided that maybe it sent the wrong message.


I wasn’t thinking about the concerns of the serious oenophile, I just had a visceral reaction to the thought of trying to enjoy any decent wine out of the bottle. Perhaps for Night Train or Mad Dog mitigating the flavor could be construed as a blessing.


a fractional-tasker? Fractionated-tasker? Fractal-tasker?



Patent pending.


I call it Art.


I clicked on the boingboing store link to order a couple. It redirected to a list of AA meetings in my area.

That’s odd. I’m sure I’m fine.



Personally: Drinking directly from the cartoon is loathsome. I’m not even that concerned about salvia and cooties, it’s just icky and uncivilized. The only exception I’m willing to make is to drink directly from my water bottle, but only because its opening is as wide as a glass. Even then I usually take care that I bring my titanium cup on trips so I can use that, as I nearly always also carry a set of chopsticks and cutlery.


If you listen to AA, you have three choices: 1) You are an alcoholic and you are in denial and you need AA; 2) you are enabling someone, you are in denial and you need AA; 3) fuck you, you are simpy in denial and you need AA.

Sorry, but AA is a (relatively benign) cult that doesn’t really do much. Been there. Done that.

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