The Coravin preservation system uses argon to pour wine one glass at a time

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As a single person I also often am faced with the dilemma of whether to open a bottle, since I’ll have to finish it myself. I got one of those suction pump systems that sucks the air of the bottle and reseals it. It works pretty good! The bottle will keep for a good couple of weeks that way, which is plenty of time for me to finish it at my leisure.

It’s very cheap (a few bucks) and requires no consumable razor blade argon cartridges. Not quite as good as this Coravin perhaps, but food for thought.


I’m a wine noob with a budget to match, but if I ever work up to Serious Snob level, I’ll gift bougie me with one of these!

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Isn’t this one of the reasons that wine in a box is supposedly a better way to distribute wine? The box is full of a plastic bag that doesn’t get any air in it when you dispense the wine - the bag just collapses until empty.


Strikes me as something of a catch-22: if you like wine that much to invest in bulky paraphernalia, then just drink the bottle, maybe not in one sitting, but over a couple of days, or share with a friend!




Wine is most often distributed in 750 ml bottles-- that’s about 5 servings of wine. It really doesn’t last longer than a day or two once opened, so if you enjoy wine alone, these gadgets allow you to drink good quality wine “thriftily” and with “moderation”. I use a vacuvin because my flatmate doesn’t drink.

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