Wine hacks to make your weekend even better


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Put a popsicle in my wine? Drink better wine is the real solution.


Hack #1: Have some wine.


I hacked an entire bottle last night and it turned into beef bourguignon.


Pretty much the only hack you need


Wine pops?


Hack #2: if it is both delicious and cheap, keep schtum. you don’t want your supply to dry up.


I saw this article and thought to myself 'gods be damned, either I post this Gif or someone else does."


It’s the only logical gif to post for this topic!


What is this “leftover wine” of which she speaks?


Discovering that show was the best thing about Netflix suddenly blocking VPNs. Those were lean days in darkest Canuckistan.


Now I know how @jlw feels. I searched for images of ice sculptures made of wine and the internet let me down.


Hack #3 - Retrain your palate and wine will always be cheap, plentiful and tasty.

0:38 in that vid? Never an issue.



My wine tips:

(1) Buy boxed wine, the spout is on the bottom so it doesn’t oxidize, you can open a box and have a glass every night for a couple of weeks and the wine won’t go bad. Trader Joes has a couple of good boxed wines.

(2) Got low-quality (cheap) red wine? Make kalimotxo. I prefer pepsi max, do not experiment with dr pepper.


Yeah, but how do you get Steam for windows to work?




Hack #4: if you opener has a lever, use it.


My friend calls that ‘survival wine’. When I asked him why, he just raised the bag that he’d been suckling on over his head, dropped it on the floor, and said, ‘Disaster-proof’.


Got cheap wine and want to improve the flavor? Add a splash of brandy, some fruit juice, and either sliced or frozen fruit. Ta dah, sangria.

My parents’ wine of choice growing up was cheap jug wine from the supermarket, so I don’t exactly have refined tastes in the stuff.