Wine hacks to make your weekend even better

Had to look up “keep schtum”

I’ve yet to try white wine that made me say, “this is good, I need to look for a bottle of that.” At our house it’s mostly Spanish reds, some Argentinian Malbec, and amontillado.

Hack #5: do you like Beaujolais Nouveau? Here’s how to roll your own:

  1. express a little urine (human or feline) in a wine glass
  2. add a few drops of red food coloring
  3. et voila!

Gallo Gallon jugs? RED for dad, WHITE for mom.


Either Gallo or, more often, Carlo Rossi. I appreciate that Rossi has embraced being the “cheap wine in a jug” company. They even have recipes recommending blending their wine with vanilla ice cream.


OMG, you guys, you’re reminding me of the ubiquitous jug wines growing up: both Gallo and Carlo Rossi. I made one into a belly dancer in art class in grade school (used papier-mâché to match the finger hole on the other side…voilà, arms akimbo with hands on the waist!).

Other kids in my school used glass cutters to make glasses out of old wine bottles. We didn’t have those single serving bottles ever. Did I mention both parents were alcoholics?


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