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Clearly I did, because I could see how stupid this is. Did you really not notice that in the examples given in the article, they all pertain to bottles THAT HAVE WINE IN THEM? So again, what’s the point of removing a cork from an empty bottle? Keep in mind, this trick ONLY works with an empty bottle.


You mean like in the title - HOW TO GET CORK OUT OF AN EMPTY WINE BOTTLE.
Jesus H Christ. It’s like a party trick. Are you that dense?


I had this whole post typed up yesterday about how this topic has been dead for more than two weeks, and how if you had read the rest of the thread, you would have seen people explain exactly why and when this trick can be useful, but I was hoping that your dizzy thread would just die with no replies.

Anyhow, now that it hasn’t, please realize that this topic has been dead for more than two weeks, and if you had just read the whole original thread, you would have seen exactly why and when this trick can be useful.

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Yep. Came in handy a couple of times for me.

Of course, if you only drink goonbag port, A, you’ll never need to use this trick and B, it’ll take you a couple of weeks to catch up with everyone else.


What a splendid name for it. My friend refers to those bags as ‘survival wine’. When I asked why, he just extended his arm and dropped it, unharmed, on the floor.


There’s something wonderfully practical about a drink that comes with it’s own pillow.
And of course there’s the popular game “Goon of Fortune”, combining two great Australian icons, cheap cask wine and a Hills Hoist.


That seems like the kind of game Australians would play even if there were only four players…


Or less. There’s probably a single-player version.


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