How to get a cork out of an empty wine bottle


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Bonus points if you have just drank the whole bottle.


I’m so confused by this, and I’m not even drunk! Why would a cork be in an empty wine bottle? And how exactly is the plastic bag helping?


This makes no sense. The cork looks normal. Why the plastic bag to pull it out and if the cork is stuck how did the plastic bag get under the cork to pull?


Valuable context is provided and this post makes a lot more sense if you click the link.


Is this the dumbest thing ever to appear in Boing Boing? First, why? And second, how? Why do you want to uncork an empty bottle (and why did you cork a bottle that was empty)? And how do you get the bag around the cork without first removing the cork, at which point you’ve already accomplished the task. This is just reaching new heights in stupidity.

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Ah, so it does. I hadn’t even noticed there was a link, so you can imagine my confusion.

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Wine saver is the solution for everything.

This still seems pointless, even after following the link. Someone must really have a need for an empty wine bottle - empty of more than just the wine.

This couldn’t help Malcolm Forbes, who I’d read bought an Alexander Hamilton wine but stored it standing up resulting in the cork drying out and falling in. The lead/wax/whatever seal was still in place and the wine was too old to drink anyway - but appearances.*

  • Can’t find a link to the original story I’d read. Only my own recent reference to it.

Update: There do seem to be some web references to a Wine/Forbes/FallenCork. It’s Jefferson instead of Hamilton and the quotes seem to repeat.

Here’s one:

here is the illustration that provides the context

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I was going to complain about the bottle not being empty --and poof it was empty.


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Had a similar problem a few months back. Old bottle of port, fragile cork which then fell into the bottle. Couldn’t pour round the cork without disturbing the sediment and a hammer would result in wastage.
A swift you-tube search and some careful plastic bag work later, I had a decanted bottle of port without cork or sediment. :smiley:

Incidentally, the same principle has been used to deliver babies -


If memory serves the Jefferson bottles are widely considered fake anyway.

I heard that’s how they rescued those Chilean miners.

There was a link to click, that you clearly didn’t.
All would have been revealed.

And here I thought plastic bags were to be kept away from babies! :slight_smile:

Cool trick!

I’m definitely going to adapt this trick to attempt to pull someone’s head out of their ass.

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Perhaps Im not drunk enough( Im working on it ) to understand.