Here's a faster way to empty a bottle or jug

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The swirling works just fine when you do it with the bottle still upright. No need to use two hands or to get one wet. Just one quick swirl and turn it over.
I’ve been doing this for years.


Interesting but t isn’t actually any faster when you factor in the time spent whirling the bottle.


I work in beverage alcohol and have to empty many hundreds of bottles at a time due to mistakes, mislabeling, etc. it’s given me ample opportunities to test this and I can verify that it is much faster, even with the swirl.

Video evidence that the swirl works best:


Inserting intentionally obscure cinematic reference here:

Vortex!!?? Someone tell Zed!


No idea why the dude didn’t bother timing it. That is just plain stupid.

At least according to the time display on youtube, emptying the first bottle takes around 10 seconds to empty, and it also later takes around 10 seconds swirling and then emptying it.

People making bullshit claims grind my gears.

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The bigger the bottle, the more effective it is. In Tijuana, the drinking water vendors who cruise the streets refilling 20-liter jugs do this and it helps a lot. Of course, once the filler jug is nestled in the funnel, they can use two hands to get the water turning. It takes about the same amount of time to get it going, and all 20 liters drain much faster.


As serendipity would have it, I read this post just before my morning decant at the water closet. I did the wahtuzi in a clockwise fashion for roughly 15 seconds and my bladder emptied in record time. Now I just have to figure out how to get the air out of it.


I, too, have emptied many bottles of alcohol due to mistakes. Sometimes preemptively.


If it is a plastic bottle that is going to be recycled, and you do recycle them don’t you?, the it would be faster to simply turn it upside down and punch a hole in or near the bottom.

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yes, but…
can you pour piss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel?

thanks, dad. ya done learnt me gud.


If all you are after is emptying speed and don’t care about the state of the bottle afterwards, poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle as you upend it.

This will act as a vent, and the water will just fall out with no restriction except for the neck size of the bottle.

This would perform the same function as the capped vent hole opposite the pour spout of a gas can. Just open a pathway for the air, and the liquid pours smoothly.




In Soviet Russia, water bottle empties you!

Also, I tip the bottle and swirl it as it starts to empty. There’s no need to swirl first and it is faster. I learned that from a bartender 30 years ago when I was cleaning and sanitizing dozens of beer bottles for my homebrewing.


I found another video that is actually able to demonstrate that effect, they use a timer, and a technique that is a bit more efficient: they already pour out water while swirling the bottle. The video is shorter, too, and has no talking.

A pity that I almost never empty any bottles, now that I know how to do it fast.


. . . nor to contaminate the liquid with whatever’s on your hands. Ew! My first reaction was “OK, but what’s the fastest sanitary way to empty a bottle?”

I believe you just described shotgunning a beer.

Also why gas cans have a tiny vent plug in back.

The real question is depending on which side of the Equator you are on do you have to swirl it a certain way or it doesn’t work?


Based on my own anecdotal experience, this is good, but it helps to tilt the bottle maybe 10-20 degrees from vertical after swirling. At least for the glass bottles I often rinse that have about a 2-3cm opening.
I found that with a regular swirl the last bit of water keeps going round in the bottle and comes out slower. Introducing a slight tilt causes more of the swirling water to pour through the opening instead of continuing on its circular course.

As a beermaking fan, I concur. Swirly bottles are much faster.