Impressive animation projected onto a hockey rink


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First the Maud Lewis post, now this. Are you coming out as Canadian? If so, you should come up and attend one of our Pride events this weekend!


Impressive from a technical point of view, but something about the aesthetics…

… just left me cold.


so it looks 3D from the Booth, what does it look like from anywhere else in the stadium?
you know, from the regular seats?


Hey, 3D Cultural Appropriation. It looks so much more realistic than the old 2D type.


Don’t forget the maple syrup post!


What the heck was that first shot of the video with the plane over what looked like a tower of the WTC? Obviously it’s not the WTC, so I guess it’s an “innocent” shot that gets your heart pounding, maybe even subliminally for some people, so the video will have a greater emotional effect? Seems over-the-top cynical…


It’s the Aon Center, the third tallest building in Chicago. It’s an establishing shot, along with the other footage of Millennium Park. I think you’re projecting too much.


I think the NJ Devils were one of the first to do this. They didn’t have as cool 3D animation, and it gets really boring after about a minute, but the beginning with the live skaters “interacting” with the animation is pretty awesome. I love the effect of the skater “breaking” the ice and escaping as it falls away beneath him. I’ll bet it looked cool from every angle, too.


Here’s one slightly to the right:
Here’s one way to the left (similar projection): (vertical video warning)
Here’s one completely to the left (different projection):
(all above videos starting at subjectively interesting times)

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