Impressive build: Lego pizza factory

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There must be a lot of flex in a contraption like that. Someone’s got to be pressing down on that slicing wheel at the end. Not to mention sharpening it to a scalpel grade edge.


Build a Lego Seymour.

Seems quite time consuming. This Lego pizza is much quicker and more Lego-y. Lego-ie? Legoee?

I was inordinately bothered by the lack of sauce coverage at the pizza’s center. Surely there must be a better way!

A bad idea that’s time has come…

More trouble than it is worth, I think, plus a mess.

I do like the distribution of pepperoni/sausage though.

“They can put a man on the moon but they can’t make a pizza with legos,” you said.

You see what happens?

Good thing there’s absolutely no chance that a stray Lego will work its way loose and fall onto the pizza.

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A wider dispenser with more nozzles could do it all in one revolution.
Or a larger amount is dropped into the centre then spread out to the edges.

That is the joy of Lego (or it used to be) you can adapt your creations until it does stand up straight, or your Dad eventually makes a working turntable bridge.

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