Impressive look at how Rachel got recreated in Blade Runner 2049


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My God, I thought she had bugs all over her face! (shudder) It would be Un Chien Andalou 2049!


Any issues I found with the CGI Rachel just helped sell she was a terrible copy.


At least Sean Young got credited and paid…


I see what you did there.


Next movie’s Rachael will be more Rachael than Rachael.


Despite being ever-so slightly “off,” I thought it worked a lot better than the digital doppelgängers in Rogue One.

Yeah, it was a situation where imperfections in the process worked in its favor.


I was really impressed to learn it was a digital double, that’s no henry cavill’s upper lips.


It does seem like CGI eyes have been cracked which have always been the biggest problem for cgi reality. You cant create real feeling with unreal looking eyes.
I dont know how they were done in War of the Planet of the Apes but that was pretty impressive too.


I wonder why they didn’t have Sean Young do the capture work?


Age. As all humans grow and change Ms. Young does not look the same now as she did in 1982.

She did do some capture work for the film still AND coached the actress body double they used for the scene in BR2049


The animation on there was a real mess.


Mostly because Rachel’s appearance was mercifully brief and in dim lighting. What in the name of the Force made the producers of Rogue One decide to make Tarkin one of the primary supporting characters??


Yeah, that was a big part, and also that she didn’t really do much in terms of speech or expressions, but even just looking at still photos from both movies, the mock-Rachel still looks better.


Must stop dreaming of anthropomorphic smoking fembots.


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