Improve your photos with these simple composition tips

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This feels like a paid advertisement for their YouTube channel. Please tell me it isn’t.

“… some quick tips and tricks for improving your photo compositions.”

Tip #1: be aware that there is something like composition.

When I got into photography as a hobby, I started with second-hand and hand-me-down gear. So I had cameras and lenses where you had to focus and set the tome and aperture manually. Stuff you do without thinking about it after a while. But that gave me a little bit of time to check whether what I saw in the viewfinder was actually what I wanted to photograph, or whether it was the way I wanted to photograph it.
When I got my first fully automatic SLR, the quality of my photos started to suffer. It took me a while to put my finger on it, but then I realized that I took a lot of them too fast, in a point-and-shoot kind of way. Nothing wrong about that when taking spontaneous snapshots. But when you take pictures of stuff that doesn’t move (fast), it pays to take the extra half second to check for stuff you don’t want in the picture like that telephone pole just at the edge of the frame and adjust the view ever so slightly before pressing the button.

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