In 1918, a soldier with no ID and no memory appeared on a French railway platform

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That guy doesn’t look like Bruce Willis.


I believe that and similar cases inspired the movie A Very Long Engagement


I don’t suppose his name was Cloud and he was discovered by his childhood girlfriend Tifa who took him home to her bar and got him to merc for the eco terrorism organization she hid in her basement?

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Continuous battle over weeks/month does funny things to the human brain. There is a story in my family about one of my great-uncles who was conscripted as a young man and fought in WW2. After he returned he often forgot his name, hid under tables or his bed and started to pray loudly when someone closed a door or drawer forcefully, was found disoriented outside during rainy days. A few years later he hung himself …

There´s a story about a guy who lived around 40 years on a Island thinking the war was still going on. Amazig.

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