In 1924, two British mountaineers disappeared trying to conquer Mount Everest. No one knows if they succeeded.

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Good grief! Of course they disappeared. That’s Ama Dablam, not Everest!


“So… you know that place where we’ve been looking forever?”


What a dud-that mountain is clearly Ama Dablam. I think it has a nicer profile than Everest anyway.

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Climber Conrad Anker found the body of George Mallory on Mt. Everest in 1999 and wrote about it in his book: The Lost Explorer


I would venture that, in a conflict where one party ends up “missing, presumed dead” and the other remains “stable on a timescale that inspires an assortment of geologic cliches” one can make an educated guess about how well the conquest went.


I believe the film “The Climb” used footage of Ama Dablam as a stand-in for Everest too. I guess the real Everest isn’t pointy enough to meet our expectations.

I was going to suggest it was lack of preparation that caused Mallory and Irvine to disappear.


At least put some trousers on!

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