In 1947, Canadian kids went on "strike" to protest candy-bar prices


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Any American who has visited Canada can tell you (provided they visited a convenience store) that Canadians take their candy bars several orders of magnitude more seriously than their friendly neighbors to to the South.


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I grew up in a candy-bar heyday. Not only were the late 70’s and early 80’s chock full of new candy bars like Chunky and Reggie, but they only cost .25$ and the recycling laws just kicked in where cans were a nickel a pop for returns.

If you were at a park it tool around five minuted to scrounge five cans. I grew up in an urban area with city parks full of fucking aluminum gold! It’s amazing I didn’t develop juvenile diabetes or blow up like a whale.


Canucks are coo coo for the candy bar, I went to a Military Academy with several dozen of them, just a whole level of berserk for that sugar high. Of course that was back in the Old Century.


I will NEVER buy an 8 cent candy bar.




Canada does have Areo bars, which are magical.


I was born that year, and remember ten cent candy. I was really pissed off when Popsicles went from five to seven cents.


Dammit, we’ve got to strip these teenagers of their collective bargaining rights!


What ever happened to the Marathon Bar?

I don’t think I ever got to eat one, but I sure loved the commercials.

oh, Oh, OH!

You can get them on Amazon under their original UK name – Curly Wurly.

I can settle for that.

I remember a SF-themed one in space? Can’t find it back.


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