In 1965, CIA agents were fired for staging a "free for all" food-fight in the cafeteria

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And to think that Stanley Kubrick cut the food fight from Dr Strangelove. Should have kept it in. It was ahead of its time.


It doesn’t say food-fight. I’m imagining a saloon brawl.


“free for all”


[note 6 AM sarcasm]


Did Director Wormer put them on Double-Secret Probation?


I knew a former CIA man. It’s probably not common knowledge now, but back then if you were a foreign-born man with U.S. citizenship and got drafted, you went into the CIA. So far from being clean-cut “best and the brightest” Central Casting boys, what you had were sons of refugees and immigrants who sometimes didn’t bother to know English and had little to no respect for authority. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of them thought this would be a way to get out of serving in some war zone.


Yet Operation Midnight Climax was totez legit… I guess you’ve got to trick other people into having the food fight while you smirk at them from behind a one-way mirror.

The CIA fired “three or four” employees over a cafeteria food fight

Yup, that’s the level of accuracy I’ve learned to expect in any given report by the CIA.


“I said ‘we should overthrow Chile,’ not ‘we should throw over the chili!’


It’s weird what the CIA chooses to hold people accountable for, and what it doesn’t.


Hey that’s awesome–racists are great, aren’t they? Did he tell you how lazy and stupid all those brown people are, too? How about that they’re responsible for all the ills in the world, did he pass that on as well? As for military service, they’ve all got The Bone Spur, right? Brown people are quite rapey, too, from what some of my elected leaders are saying of late…

Any chance your old agency pal was Jeff Sessions? Never heard him say he was CIA, but the comments seem to fit the bill.*

*Of the racist bill, in case I didn’t make that clear enough.

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My friend was a refugee from LATVIA. He got drafted into the CIA almost immediately after winning citizenship and served in LAOS and CAMBODIA calling in strikes on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. So, no, he didn’t say anything about skin color or crap like that. Where’d you get that idea?

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