In a leaked "weaponized information" catalog, Indian cyberarms dealer offers blackest-ever SEO

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“weaponized information” catalog


Either this news leaking is some next level guerilla marketing, or is ipso facto evidence that this company does not have these capabilities (or that their competitors have better ones…)


They’ve used a false leak to pollute their own search results. That’s right in their list of services, which is now available all over the web. Now I know Aglaya, and it’s the only company I know in this particular marketplace.

+1 for next level guerilla marketing.


The mixed bullet types confused my screen-reader, did it say they do reaver LARPing?
Would that be on a separate schedule?


Hmm… So is all that good malware out of eastern Europe actually a western false-flag op; or do you just suck? Let me ponder this for a minute…

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There’s nothing new about counterintelligence, except wow newfangled 40-year-old internet. I would think a more important piece is using a saboteur who is fluent in your target’s language. Indian English is so different from American. Can you imagine some wicked Mr. Patel getting on the horn to the Washington Post, claiming to be Tim Kaine, but sounding like the Microsoft Customer Service team?

I wonder if bad press is good press in the criminal underworld.

I hope it’s not fancy dress, my good tux is still at the tailor.

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That company is bullshit!

I ordered a ruse operation intended to destabilize international relations between the US and China by instilling fear of Chinese dominance in rank and file US citizens. So I could justify not paying my employees at a factory in Guangzhou.

This is all I got,



“I’m not wearing any pants” - Once said on the internet by some person

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Srivastava refuted claims that their skill set was overstated, replying that they “installed the full desktop build of Kali on all machines, and the company has regular Mr. Robot marathon watching sessions”.

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