Once again, a stalkerware company's had its servers pwned and wiped by a hacker who thinks they're selling an immoral product


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This hack may technically be illegal, but it is highly ethical. Thank you, Precise Buffalo!


I’d also like to offer the hacker a high-five for their choice of nom de internet. “Precise Buffalo” is a far better handle than anything fiction could invent.


Eh, the software the company is selling “may technically be illegal” as well (to use on another without consent - which is kinda the point AFAICT - even if not to sell or own). I think they deserve each other. I will commend and thank the hacker for breaking in to someone who deserved it - as well as deleting the contents of the server instead of distributing/selling the contents.


Reminds me of a restaurant I saw in Japan, “The Surprised Donkey” (“Bikkuri Donki”)


How good is your hiragana? You’re sure it didn’t say Bukkake Donkey?


Sounds like one of those automatically generated passwords by randomly using an adjective and noun. Kewl!


It was katakana. (At the time, I read kana as well as english lettering, was in year 3 of Japanese courses)

Bukkake donkey actually is also plausible. A friend of mine explained that the resto name was a pun on “bikkuri domburi”, which bukkake is in that family of dishes.



Shouldn’t that be Mastodon? This guy?

Wow, that is weird, the first image I found has the same spelling error in the file name… Wikipedia agrees though, it’s Mastodon:


Apps like these are commonly used by abusive spouses. They are an evil in a class of their own, as are the companies that sell them.


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