Stalkerware vendor Retina-X capitulates to vigilante hacker, shuts down "indefinitely"


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A sad day for abusive partners everywhere. /s



Sounds like a true White Hat.


A precisely white buffalo.



The perpetrators, who will likely never be identified or brought to justice…

Why not? If they have a business entity, they must have an agent in the state where they incorporate, and one little subpoena will find them. Domains are supposed to have identifying data too, but I think that can be spoofed.

If they don’t have a business entity, and you sue them, you can take not only the business, but the home, the car, every damn thing. Get busy, Reddit!


A company that specializes in sneaking and stealing info, had its info sneakily stolen. It is, of course, OUTRAGED! And to cap it all off, it was played to the media! Its unAmerican to play to the media, companies peddling dubious software NEVER do that!


That quote is from the stalkerware company.


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