CEO of stalkerware company arrested




Apparently, the government hates competition…



It’s a trap!


I imagine the software was abused, but am I the only one who feels uncomfortable when the start arresting people for selling software? That’s a pretty damn slippery slope…


Well, and also by companies that don’t trust their employees with company phones. Which is another shitty usage, but not actually illegal, is it? Since it’s company property?


“[A state is] any human community that claims the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force within a given territory
–Max Weber


He should have required all purchasers to sign an NDA as a condition of use.


How it will probably go down:

Federal Attorney: This is very serious charges, my friend. You could get twenty years. But I have a deal. Work for the NSA & all charges will be dropped.

Hammad Akbar,: OK


This seems like “the government” is trying to appear Tough On Surreptitious Interception by arresting small-potatoes, effectively distracting the public from their own abuse of spyware.


Doesn’t it have to be WASPy? I mean to say, Akbar, c’mon chaps.


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