State surveillance company leaked its own data, its customers' data, and its customers' victims' data

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Hey, but that rampant lion is a pretty sweet logo, you must admit.

I’m not sure about this feeling, but I admit some relief that “lawful interception” “hackers” seem to be this bad in Germany.

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So the German government is using useless software in its attempts to spy on its citizens? I don’t see a downside here.

Are you sure that’s a lion?

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The company is based in Germany. The article doesn’t indicate who its clients are.

this Forbes article from 2015 has some more info about them about halfway through:

I doubt the German government uses them - I think they have enough expertise in house.

My comment should have had a /s.

But regarding your last line, I am more than a bit doubtful. Public institutions can’t have this in house since they are not in the position to pay market prices. Not even remotely.

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I suppose my ‘expertise’ should have had a /s as well.

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Having a private security firm called CSIS presenting at a conference in Montreal caused me all kinds of confusion (the Canadian signals intelligence service is also called CSIS).

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