Peter Thiel's Palantir gets $500 million from Japan, just before expected IPO

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Here’s something I don’t get about state actors signing up for Palantir: do they not understand that whatever services Thiel provides them it is 100% guaranteed that he will be using backdoors and keys to provide himself with access to the state’s most supposedly secure intelligence? Or do they just not care?

The guy’s a full-on Bond villain, for fuck’s sake!


I don’t think they care. The kinds of officials who use Thiel’s services are the kind of people who feel that he’s fundamentally on their side and shares their interests. They’re also arrogant enough to think he’d never turn on them or that they control him – a fundamental error when it comes to dealing with a fascist.


I’d say something; but it would be impolite while he’s listening.


If only he were. We all know what happens to those, in the end.


I’m looking forward to the (never gonna happen) day when Canadians have a law permitting electronic personal data to be kept by private companies only for direct, ongoing, paid, commercial relationships, with a 6-month expiry limit, and a rule outlawing resale of said data where it is not aggregated to a minimum of 10k people per record.

Data leaks due to negligence, resales, etc. subject to fines, jail, penalties.

What galls me is that Palantir does what they do in plain sight, and it’s all somehow OK…


Some of them, like the U.K. government, are fully signed up to the same project. The current government is run by the same people who brought us Brexit and who did so using data mining technology from the American right. They all want the state crippled, everything that can be privatised sold off to their friends, and of course - no taxation of their activities.

Palantir has been given access to U.K. health records for the princely sum of £1 (no I didn’t forget a ‘billion’). No oversight by Parliament, all waved through using emergency Covid legislation.


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