Palantir may IPO at valuation of up to $41 billion


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That should keep Thiel in blood boys for a long time.


Well of course it’s highly valued - I mean sure they can catch terrorists, but does anybody think they’re going to use all that data and power for good? Really?




If you ever felt the need to own some actual evil, now is the time I suppose.


I imagine the press will be something along the lines of 'We are all fucked and living in a Panopticon, might as well make some money off it."

End state capitalism.


So Thiel is cashing out? That’s worrisome. He’s probably transitioning to full-time prepper.


Why do I feel sick to my stomach?


Not enough CBD.


I mean if you were ever going to make a bet on a company becoming the backbone of a Person of Interest-esque AI nightmare, this is the one. Facebook seems so milquetoast in comparison.


Use of a Palantir by “ends justify the means” cynical old men really did not go well in that series.


It was fun back in the day when Anonymous gave that bunch a collective wedgie.


There’s probably an oil rig somewhere in the South Pacific, loaded with automatic weapons, blood boys, fleshlights, “The Fountainhead” DVDs, crates of caviar (for him), crates of Spam (for the blood boys), 20 or so Bowflex machines (for the blood boys to generate power) and lots of mirrors. There will probably also be a helicopter for the eventual retrieval of Destro and the Baroness.


i find this a topic reflective of an affluent segment of the US that has been intentionally attempting to disassociate from democracy. The Children of Jethro



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