Muckrock and Motherboard launch $2,000 Thiel Fellowship FOIA the crap out of Peter Thiel


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I’m in. FOIA the crap out of Peter Thiel is a wonderful idea.


Another in the long list of so-called Libertarians whose fortunes are owed to taxpayer-funded deals.


Hold on a second here. The dude named his business after Saruman’s evil all seeing spy eye from LoTR? (Yes, I know that there are proper uses of a Palantir.)

I don’t get why anyone ever trusts people who does stuff like that. If a dude comes up to me and says “Hi, I’m Troy McClure, you may know me as the founder of Robert Doll” I’m staying the fuck away from them. You’d probably want to stay away from Troy McClure in general since he’s been dead since like 1998, but I’ve been watching early Simpsons lately and you get the idea.


Hi. Can I donate to this somehow?


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