The Trump-funding, democracy-denying, Gawker-destroying Peter Thiel is finally no longer involved with Y Combinator


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And its quite likely he has the herpes.


Um… okay? I’m not sure that matters? So do lots of people. I don’t have a problem with the guy because he might have an STD, but his because of his clearly anti-democratic activities [edited for clarity].


If you the read the link he was backing some pretty controversial/illegal studies. Libertarians are simple creatures only acknowledging their own self interest. It was a bad joke. But the kind of joke that would upset him, because he is a thin skinned baby.


Geez, what numbskulls. Billionaire cranks cannot be harmless. They are always harmful.


Is it wrong to hope for a blood plasma transmitted Creutzfeldt Jacob variant?


Every time I donate blood and I answer the question “have you, or any member of your family, ever had CJD?” I get… a little puzzled. I mean, I do understand that prion diseases are A Thing and we need to screen for them… but the question, as stated, is essentially asking whether I ate my grandpa. Has anybody ever (sincerely) answered Yes to that question?


They report that it hasn’t been transmitted by blood transfusions- but a variant is via beef consumption.

So it’s not necessarily suggesting a stain on your family escutcheon.




5-10% cases are inherited:


i do like how when “big brother” is “privatized” somehow it’s palatable (palatirable) to the libertarians/ancaps, almost like they comprise this empty shell of a belief in “freedom” and “democracy” and their real agenda is money… (not even the ability to make money for themselves—but that someone is allowed to make money.)



On the one side, Trumpism, greed, selfishness, plutocracy, censorship, surveillance, inequality, abuse, racism, genocide, brutality. On the other side – everyone else.

It wasn’t so long ago that talking this way about the Republican party or current administration, no matter how bad, would have been scurrilous hyperbole. Not any more.


Those things were all already there, but people believed it was important to hide them.


Well, anarcho-capitalism is an oxymoron. Capitalism is hierarchical by nature.


yup, just wanted to foreground the absurdity of their two “tenets”


They long for the day when they too will be able to hire their own private secret police.


His company Palantir, which sells cybercrud to police and intel organizations is definitely not “mostly harmless”. They and related companies sell magic software to manage the flood from information vacuum cleaners and “connect the dots” in a world where everyone is within six degrees of separation from a terrorist.
Their involvement with Brexit and Trump is just spittle on the icing.


At the very least, they used to be in the category of things you didn’t say in public, even if you believed in them. Now they’re just out and in your face with them.


Yeah, the sentiments were always there, but not to such a degree, nor so openly. There were plenty of extreme reactionaries in the Republican party, but they knew they had to use dog whistles or be relegated to its fringe with the outright fascists; you couldn’t really paint the entire party with that brush. Mostly who were sufficiently extreme in their right-wing views, rather than be in the Republican fringe, they’d join the Nazi party, etc. But now the Republican party has open fascists in it, so those fringe elements have been mainstreamed right into the core of the Republican party and White House. No matter how authoritarian, racist, corrupt, plutocratic, etc. administrations like Bush or Nixon were, they pale in comparison to Trump.