Trump "plans" to make Peter Thiel a supreme court judge


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And here I was expecting him to auction the seat off to the highest bidder!


Maybe its already happened.


Nah, otherwise the Koch Brothers would have dropped in a bid.


Ugh.:rolling_eyes: This it’s just a preview of how awful it will be if the Orange One wins. Thankfully, the U.S. Senate has to agree.


With Trump’s ascension comes the complete outing of greedy corrupt corporate America taking full and complete control of the US government. Corporations and oligarchs will no longer control by proxy ie Congress and Senate avatars. They will control In full light of day. Like vampires who suddenly discover sun glasses and SPF 30 sunblock.Their take over will be televised. For the ratings and ad revenue of course.


There are two cancerous tumors on modern libertarians: anarchist militia wanna-bes, and rich kids that love the idea of Ayn Rand but the books are just sooo long.


Just another reason not to vote for the Orange one.


How can they be tumors when they make up the bulk of the Libertarian body? :wink: :rolling_eyes:

Sarcasm aside, I’ve noticed that the libertarian capitalists in the USA and Europe are one of the biggest feeder groups for the Alt-Right. When they realize/can no longer deny that their ideal of an unfettered free market is incompatible with democracy or equality, I’ve noticed two outcomes: the ones that are committed to equality tend to drift towards some form of socialism or anarchism, while the ones that are in it for the money and personal ego go Alt-Right.


If it wasn’t for the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress, I would say nuke the entire city if he wins.


And presto! we have Mussolini’s definition of fascism.


Thiel: Gawker obnoxiously humiliates people publicly - destroy them no matter what the cost.
Thiel: Trump obnoxiously humiliates people publicly - elect him president.

Sounds like a great candidate for SCOTUS.


I would say US libertarians are losing the alt-right to the GOP, the libertarian party has been actively fighting it while the GOP has been at the best times ignoring it.


“It” being…? Could you clarify the ambiguous pronoun here? :wink:


Sunglasses, you say?

If he somehow got that position, Thiel would turn the entire American civil judiciary (perhaps the criminal one, too) into a domestic version of the business/plutocrat-friendly pay-for-play ISDS. But that’s unlikely. As with Putin, Thiel’s main goal in supporting this orange windbag for President is to undermine confidence in democratic institutions and help build a base that will embrace an alt-right future. I’m sorry to say that he’s already succeeded in that to a certain degree.


They could even put it on a floating island.

In case anyone didn’t get the reference:

Seasteading, per The Education of a Libertarian


The thought of the amusing tantrums Trump would throw over Congress obstructing him cheers me up slightly when I contemplate a Trump presidency. Very slightly.


What is the chance the the Trumpster is more likely to honor a wink and a nod agreement than a signed contract?


“What do you mean, I can’t fire congress?”


And people frequently ask, “What’s the worst that could happen if Trump became president?” It’s like asking, “What’s the worst thing about Trump?” Everything. The answer is everything.