Peter Thiel 'most scared' of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, accuses Google of treason. Trump agrees

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In a Fox & Friends newsbrief, Thiel spurred President Trump to promise to look into baseless claim that Google committed treason.


Technology investor, Gawker foe, and alleged consumer of young people’s blood Peter Thiel

Don’t forget: sugar daddy to the neoReactionary/Dark Englightenment sector of the alt-right and owner of a large post-apocalyptic feudal estate in NZ. A truly despicable character, a hypocrite who spouts Libertarian anti-statist nonsense while one of his companies profits from contracts with the surveillance state.

“She’s the only one that is talking about the economy, which is the one that matters the most.”

I’m not a big poker player, but if I were then Thiel would be an easy mark – supremely arrogant but tipping his hand every time. He’s cutting through to the real pants-pissing anxiety driving wealthy conservatives to support a right-wing populist and to oppose any challenger with serious cred.

Warren really needs to create a page of anti-endorsements by evil and greedy conservatives (like the one Sanders has) and put Thiel at the top of it.


Aren’t they all, when you get right down to it?

Hopefully this “investigation” Trump is talking about keeps his “best” people tied up for a very long time. Provided it’s even a real thing, and not more bloviation from the Random Nonsense Generator occupying his noggin.


So…hold on. Just to make sure I am understanding this right…one CEO of a company is accusing a rival company of “treason” and our sitting Prez took to twitter to say “We will look into this!!!”

Do I have this right?


Seems like it.

The president is very sensitive to treason, since he committed so much of it. So he wants to make sure everyone is paying attention to “other traitors” instead of the real traitor’s treason.


With the context being that one of those CEOs was a Trump delegate, multi-million-dollar donor, and member of his transition team, yup.


Well when you put it like that, it almost sounds nefarious. Almost.


I wonder if Thiel shorted Google stock in timing with his appearance. It’s just the kind of sleazy move he’d make.


I think dRumph is just PO’d because Google didn’t give him his cut, or he thought it wasn’t sufficiently large enough…


Funny coincidence that Warren has also been calling for regulating the Tech industry… It’s almost like Thiel is more concerned about picking which tech companies get investigated/regulated. Btw Palantir (in addition to being a draconian nightmare) is a massive scam to get never-ending government contracts.



Treason doth never prosper

The most ridiculous part is:

  1. Working for another government’s military is only treason if they’re our enemy. (China is currently a rival but not yet an enemy.)

  2. working for another nation’s military without specific dispensation from the State Department is a violation of ITAR rules. Major tech companies have people whose only job is to make sure none of their contracts ru afoul of these rules, and you can get a list from the government of Chinese firms you can’t do business with. (This list is pretty long). Employees at these companies generally have to go over this list and certify that they won’t do business with these companies on an annual basis. All this is to say, it’s exceedingly unlikely that Google is doing business with the Chinese military.

All that said, it’s very likely that Chinese intelligence has infiltrated Google, and every other tech company big enough to be a worthwhile target.


To paraphrase an old joke about the Carolinas, “When he switcehd from being a Democrat to being a Republican, the average IQ of both parties went up.”

Edited to add: I for one, was saying “Warren 2020” as far back as November 2016.
Edited again to add. It’s a snarky joke. I certainly hope that he is dumber than the average Repbulican.


Crazy chart:


Thiel is a garbage human being, the worst kind of cry-baby hypocrite, and nihilist to the hilt.


Trump: the ass-kisser of billionaires.


I’m reminded of this, and I assume both charts overlap (other than at 45, himself).ERD%20Bass


Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.’

So says Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution. In the usual interpretation of “enemies”, it is taken to mean a country against which Congress has issued a Declaration of War. The last such declaration expired on 1945-08-15 when Japan surrendered and World War II ended.

Now. I get that some people, our beloved Leader included, think the Constitution is mostly buttwipe waiting to be used.

But could we please not accuse anybody of treason? We have a very specific and technical definition of the word. To use it as beloved Leader uses it really just weakens the entire concept.

Oh yeah. And Warren 2020!


In all this critisism of tech and social media there is one thing lacking. Specific instances that they are doing it. Show me the cases where they are prejudiced. If not it’s just political bs.