Oculus Founder/alt-right troll Palmer Luckey teaming up with Peter Thiel to build surveillance tech

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They’re both just a couple of rich Trumpholes.


Does anyone like Theil/Luckey/etc… ever think “wait a minute… am I the bad guy?”

I cannot fathom this sort of person’s motives and day to day. What a shit.


Couldn’t that just be defeated by a few $3 laser pointers?


Let’s not forget that Peter Thiel is quite literally a vampire.


Not sure what their motives are, but their moral and intellectual development stopped at age 15 when they first read Ayn Rand and proceeded to ignore all worthwhile literature and philosophy.


What about various ACME products?


Anytime i read anything about Palmer Lucky all i can think of is “This fucking asshole again?”


I wonder if quack anti-aging is a thing with that bunch? Robert Mercer has a pet bio-quack, with 14,000 samples of human urine in his fridge, who’s also into anti-aging.

It’s a tight rat-ball of crazy:


Remember Thiel, anti-aging != immortality. Go ahead, and while you’re at it, hole yourself up in a creepy (Gold-emblazoned perhaps?) tower, we need a good setting for a cyberpunk reboot anyway…


Did he pay attention in mythology class?



Cripes. Halfway through and all I can contemplate is the need for a 100% wealth tax on any amount over some non-civilisation-destabilising sum.



I hope CRISPR manipulation ofmammal genes is perfected soon, so we can create sapient coyotes to help with infiltrations.


Another “match made in heaven”. Yay.

Thiel may be an unpleasant guy in general, but I see nothing wrong with the Gawker part.

Gawker was a company with extremely suspect business practices and very loose morals. Their doom came because they brazenly defied a court order, and not content with that, thought a court was just the place for making extremely tasteless jokes. That blew up in their faces to the point that the jury awarded more money than Hogan asked for. Yep, they made themselves look like such asshats, that a random group of people felt like giving Hogan more than what he asked for.

Whether you agree or not with a court’s rulings and the thing you are being sued for, any sane person would try to avoid getting on the judge’s bad side, and would try their best to look like a reasonable person in court. Gawker did neither.

Thiel’s involvement in this case seems to have been limited to providing money for Hogan’s lawyers. That is exactly the same sort of thing organizations like the EFF and ACLU do, or what can be done by one’s parents and family, or any other friendly party. The only reason there could be something morally wrong with such a thing would be if Thiel funded a bunch of extremely suspect lawsuits to bleed Gawker dry through unreasonable lawsuits.

But that’s not what happened. Hogan had a case, and Gawker did a great job of sabotaging themselves.

None of this means I have any love for Thiel, but this particular case is quite fine with me.

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It’s funny; if you go through that Rand phase in your teens and grow out of it, it’s like a great inoculation against sudden turns to the right later in life.
Fail to grow out of it and every conversation you have will be one that makes the other person wish they didn’t know you.


Oh please tell me that dovetails with this:

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If it can be built, it can be hacked.

Palmer Luckey, the guy who founded Oculus, sold it to Facebook, and then used the money to fund racist, far-right meme creation in the 2016 election cycle

That isn’t true, Cory. This is the only thing they created. Not disputing that Palmer’s an asshole, but distorting things like this lends credibility to those who shout about fake news.

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