Oculus execs defend founder's support of Nazi propaganda machine


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/26/oculus-execs-defend-founders.html


Can we just say some stuff so we can distance ourselves from this potential risk to us making some serious bank?


More or less, yes. As long as you aren’t breaking the law, should it matter?

Let’s look a flip scenario where a person has extreme left leaning views. Should the company condemn them for those views as well because they are causing controversy? Pretty much if you look at anyone, you will find something you don’t like about them. And you can pretty much guarantee any large companies will have a certain percentage of assholes in their employ.


It’s ground breaking technology for the people…


Is he being prevented from supporting what he wants to?

He’s perfectly free to. And we’re perfectly free to decide if we want to give him our money to keep doing so.


I’m fine with anyone donating to the candidates and causes they support. Great. It’s just that if you fund a blatantly shitty ‘shit-meme’ factory (note, not sure I’ve seen any of the imagery other than the one billboard, so…) well I get to exercise my right to freedom of speech to say “Christ, what an asshole!”

No one would have blinked an eye if he had just sent that money straight to Don the Con. Shitty lie filled neo-nazi memes? OK, that’s some pretty shitty shit.


When the best defense you have for somebody’s actions is “freedom of speech” you’re not really defending much at all.

Yes, he IS free to be an asshole – but they’ve essentially admitted he’s an asshole and are desperately pleading for everybody not to tar them with the brush of association.


However, the company itself has remained silent on the matter,

.gif BANK for the BBS

Sure I guess.

But just like separating art from the artist, one needs to seperate companies from the employees, to a degree. Like I said, you buy stuff from places every day who have assholes working there.

I agree. They aren’t defending Palmer in the least.



Fuck this dude for funding white supremacist trolling and fuck his bullshit apology. (And fuck his colleagues for not being willing to say, “Yeah, that is appalling.”)


Looks like a small group of developers have started dropping support for Oculus in protest. Hopefully that’ll steamroll.


Facebook gave him the money to fund his Nazi propaganda – shouldn’t people be dropping Facebook too? Facebook could get this guy fired if it wanted to. (Also I see Facebook being more sensitive to bad publicity on this issue than Oculus which apparently thinks it is immune.)


But when I find out an asshole is working somewhere, I re-evaluate my shopping habits.

Sometimes I change, sometimes I don’t.


I just wait until the artist dies.

Once Luckey pops off the old mortal coil, maybe I’ll pick up an Oculus.


By that time (unless he is a coke feign) you will look like an idiot being the only person not hard wired into one in a bed with tubes filtering in nutrients and more tubes removing wastes and robots rotating in you on the hour to prevent bed sores.

Or maybe you will be hard wired to Apple’s iLife. But then you have to live with the guilt of supporting a tax haven using, rare earth metal extortion mining, questionable manufacturing facilities using company :wink:


Honest question: I’ve seen multiple references to the “Nazi propaganda” that Nimble America has been shitposting, but not being a Reddit user or a visitor of Facebook, I have no idea what their memes actually are. What kind of Nazi propaganda are they posting?


2020 is the year of Linux in the brain.


3 years to go, something to look forward to.


I tried to look at Nimble America’s site, but only found American flags and a Hillary cartoon. Does anyone have examples of actual Nazi propaganda by these people?