Peter Thiel's Palantir to IPO within weeks, start trading before election

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Getting the IPO up before the election is the smart move for this fascist and neo-reactionary. Whether it’s an outcome he wants (a second term for Biff) or not, he needs the price of his shares juiced now.


Palantir has just picked up a huge U.K. government contract for processing highly-sensitive personal health records of millions of people.

For all this it charged £1.

Tell me there isn’t something suspicious about that.


Thiel needs to generate more funds to have his supervillain suit finished in time for election day. (Note to journalists: if Thiel summons you to a press conference for a “big reveal” shortly before the election, DON’T GO!!!)


The fuck? Yeah, there are only two explanations for that, either they are philanthropists who donate their work and assets to the UK healthcare system or they are planning to use the data they get access to.
And Peter Thiel sure ain’t no philanthropist.


After reading “Surveillance Capitalism” I dug deeper. Entered the kingdom. The source. The motherlode : The US PATENT office. Discovered Google has thousands of patents. Alphabet more. Read a few. 2003 being year zero in global profiling. Then I got curious about Palantir. Cutting to the chase, Hive mind activity could unpack some gold >

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Palantir has done that before. For years that gave surveillance tech to the New Orleans police for free. It was in part to have a live testing grounds, and in part to have proof of concept to then sell it to other cities. I presume they were using any info the collected to try to make money on the side with no regard for privacy (it is Palantir after all). The price tag most likely reflects that this is something they are using the UK health records to beta test (while of course having no respect for data privacy).


You guys, when the Q folks in Trump’s base get wind of all this, he’s in deep trouble. There is no group of people on earth who care more about shadowy government conspiracies than these Q watchdogs, so I’m sure they’re up in arms about a company called “Palantir”* having so much unchecked power and influence over surveillance.

*Jesus, a little on the fucking nose, Pete


Reportedly, they also contacted both French and German authorities in regard to upcoming contact tracing apps.

The EU commision, especially von der Leyen and Vesthager, are also getting some questions because of mainly undocumented contact with Palantir.

They are trying to get a foot in every door right now.

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Silicon Valley tech companies fall into two categories these days:

  1. Like Google and Amazon, those that need to be broken up into smaller companies.

  2. Like Facebook and Palantir, those that need to be terminated, investigated, and indicted.


This led me to look up the origin of the quote, “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.” At this point, it would probably be easier to list the companies and public organizations that don’t share or sell their customer data.


It gets worse when you look at who else has contracts to process this lovely, juicy data.

Then you look at the privacy policy of the test and trace system which permits NHS test and trace to retain the data for 20 years…

The personally identifiable information collected by NHS Test and Trace for people with COVID-19 symptoms is kept by Public Health England for 20 years.

You have the right to delete this personal data though, right? Nope!

You can ask for any information held about you to be deleted. This is not an absolute right and Public Health England may need to continue to use your information. We will tell you why if this is the case.


If only there were Europe-wide data protection regul…

oh, yeah


It certainly contravenes that and still applies to us given we’re in the transition period but even after we leave because it’s supposed to be enshrined in uk data protection law. Ported wholesale as it were.

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Fool of a Took.

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man that Peter’s got a load of stones to know what he does (a lot more than seven).

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