Leaked Palantir 'Gotham' user manual shows how fast police and government can grab your info

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/07/12/leaked-palantir-gotham.html

“The Palantir user guide shows that police can start with almost no information about a person of interest and instantly know extremely intimate details about their lives.”


"and instantly know extremely intimate details about their lives.”

well - then the jokes on them - poor bastards.


Type the reason for the search in the Search Purpose field. This could be … a suspect (sic) name. This part is required.

So they need to put in a reason for the search (which is good), but are advised that this can be just the same name that they’re searching (which means that there is little to no oversight).


Obligatory reminder that Palantir’s founder is Peter Thiel, who’s placed a lot of money on both president* Biff’s regime and on the neoReactionary sector of the alt-right. Palantir fits into a larger vision.


I can’t help but wonder if, each time an officer launches the software, they think to themself, “I’m Batman!”

“Beautiful. Unethical. Dangerous.”

“This is wrong.”

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