In Chicago, it's impossible to get dirty cops investigated

Well, they say irony is a dead art, but maybe it just falls dead when I try to practice it.

Gotta go chaperone some teenagers, good night all!


It’s not unreasonable for there to be more than one thing wrong with a corrupt system. Too many cops are racist, and that’s a problem. An even larger problem is police accountability. Look up the story of Milton Olin Jr. Well connected rich white guy, still couldn’t get any justice. Neglect is not a zero sum game, there’s more than enough to go around.


Uh… how about that you are reading about it here, while abuses in Russia and China (where I live) are actively hidden by the government. How about your letter is not getting you arrested for revealing government secrets, while in China you would be subject to arrest, or threatened and assaulted by thugs hired by corrupt government officials.

I’m not saying there are not problems in the US, but anyone who says “US is bad, China is bad, so they are the same” is naive, at best.

As if that’s the standard we should be aspiring to.

Also, quite possibly incorrect, because it turns out the brain is shockingly fragile when subjected to physical impact. We don’t know what brain injury may have been incurred because we’re talking about micro- or nanoscale structures hidden from inspection and injuries which may not manifest symptoms for years.


Not to mention the fact that they received stitches. That means they will have scars.

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I specificially spoke about police violence. Those officers are exactly like those thugs you mentioned.

Uhm Snowden?


Link to those who have “said this” in regards to this matter (not anywhere, forever and at any time, but in re this specific discussion).


You have injected a classic strawman argument into the discussion, in order to belittle/downplay the valid complaints here. The abusive practices of the Chinese government do not – by their mere presentation – magickally negate ever-increasing misconduct in our own government.


I can attest to the fact that the PTSD after something like this goes way beyond monetary compensation.


“You have injected a classic strawman argument into the discussion, in order to belittle/downplay the valid complaints here”

No, I answered the question asked by FFabian: "Explain to me where the difference between police violence/arbitrariness/repression in some third-world-shithole (or Russia, China) and the USA is. Apart from self-congratulatory freedom-agitprop …
Is it off topic in this discussion? Yes, it is. Is it addressing what I consider a silly question? Yes, it is. As a US citizen living in China for 20 years I believe there is a tremendous difference in the systems, and his posting which seems to be making them equivalent is, as I said, at best naive. That’s all - I agree totally that this abusive case, as well as the spate of recently reported cases, need to be faced and dealt with. But I don’t think that making exaggerated equivalences between the US system and others, which are far worse for human rights, is making any progress in that direction. If I need to make it clearer, I don’t believe the fact that there are worse human rights abusers in any way justifies human rights abuses in the US.

@FFabian: you have heard of Snowden, right? It is a big deal in the press and in public opinion. If the government shut down web sites that even mentioned his name and fired and arrested reporters who wrote about it then you wouldn’t know of him to protest the government abuses. The US government cannot do that. China and Russia and “third world shitholes” can, and do.

My point: yes there are abuses in the US which need to be dealt with. There is however a tremendous difference between a system which tries to make it possible to air and fix abuses, and those which are designed to let the powerful perpetuate those abuses.

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… and thats the problem here. Nothing got “fixed” in this or similar cases.

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The only good cop, is no cop at all.

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There are WAY too many people who just love to oversimplify complex multivariable problems in order to shoehorn them into their favorite single-variable narrative.

And then they get loud when their pet narrative gets questioned. Not unlike those garage band singers that compensate the lack of skills with sheer volume. Wasn’t it Lister from Red Dwarf who said something like “I cannot play well so I play loud”?


Today I learned that in Chicago your employer can pay money gathered from tax payers to people you beat up and not only will you never face criminal charges they won’t even have to give the person you beat up your name. That applies to everyone in Chicago, right?


Well said :thumbsup:

No argument with that.

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I believe the same thing about Libertarians. I’d wager that neither of us is right.

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