In “Food Warriors,” NYC's subway grub sleuths find amazing ethnic eats in Richmond Hill, Queens

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This entire area is graced with some of the best Indian food I’ve ever eaten.

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i need to sub to them, i keep forgetting but their content is top notch

Another phrase to use instead of “ethnic eats”: “eats.”
All food is “ethnic.” Yet we only ever see it to describe the foods of brown and yellow people. It’s also a word the Yelper crowd loves to use as code for “this should be cheaper than food made for and by white people.”
I know you didn’t mean it this way, Xeni, but please consider dropping it from your lexicon.


YES. New Food Warriors makes a great cap to the work week!

You beat me to it! I always wonder how some food (or anything) is magically lacking of ethnicity.

That said, I lived in Richmond Hill for a few years, and indeed, the food was amazing. My stomach is actually growling now thinking about it.

Also, I wonder why the map shows a giant notch cut out around the intersection of Lefferts and Liberty. It never seemed to be a separate neighborhood.


Yes, by all means, let’s castrate language a little more in service of some quixotic ideal of universal uniformity. Our cultures are all identical. We are all the same. There are no geographical divisions, neither now nor in any history.

Well that’s one way to completely miss the point. Congratulations to you!

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Oh, the point that there shouldn’t be any word encompasssing “cultures other than mine?” Yeah, that’s an awesome and incisive point, good job. Congrats right back atcha mobile device there.

I would very much like to watch this and visit.

Every time I go back to the bay area, someone takes me out to lunch. Two days ago it was an Indian joint in a strip mall that looked… Well, I wouldn’t have looked twice.

My boss was trying to help me order, thinking I was uncomfortable. It was entirely the opposite. When I say, “I’ll have what he’s having” it doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want, it means I have the chance to try something different.

I did insist on the goat curry though. The saag was spectacular, the chapatis were okay, the Naan was… Tolerable, and the pickles melted my face :smile:

Four stars, would go again (and at six bucks!?!?)

If I am standing on a corner and 51% of the people surrounding me are Ethnicity A, then a shop selling food B is ethnic.

Which makes for some really weird edge cases.

Kebab shops in Scotland are common, but ethnic.

Mexican food (decent) in Phoenix is uncommon but not ethnic.

Oklahoma food in Portland is ethnic.

Soul food in Kansas city is not ethnic.

Lutefisk in Kansas city is ethnic.

Lutefisk in Minnesota is disgusting.

That’s not what he’s saying at all, though. There are better words for that without the weird implications of european as the default.

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