Woman displeased with service at Subway


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Dinner and a show!


Oh my god I wish I could be so much more like this


That guy’s going to re-evaluate his life.


Seriously? Making sandwiches for minimum wage and you have to eat shit and get threatened by a loudmouth customer too?

Is it wrong that I feel better about my work choices now?


She does balance out the N word count with several usages of “yes ma’am”. So I’m a gonna call it all a wash.


Maybe she thought she was at the Weiner’s Circle.*

Under new management, by the way. They had a great Halloween promotion for new ownership by dressing up the whole restaurant as McDowell’s.


Now m’am - I’m sure you sucked a few dicks in your day too.


Being polite to asshats takes the wind out of their sails like none other.


Just think how much more awesome that would’ve been if alcohol was involved?


The “Yes Ma’am” is to the ladyin the light green shirt and the less pleasant comments are to the gentleman in the dark green shirt who makes some rude comments back to the customer that you can hear later in the video.


Yeah, although I’m not at all certain I can blame him.


The Indian couple that runs a Subway near me are completely robotic, some salesman came in and tried to be super nice to them, cheerful, telling jokes, etc. They just stared blankly at him and said “chips and drink with that?”

(Personally I think Subway is over-rated, and I used to like the place. I noticed after eating there a few times in a row that it was similar to how people describe Chinese food: delicious but you feel hungry again an hour later.)


Having worked retail and also at coffee shops it’s pretty much the best tactic for dealing with grumpy or rude people. I was pretty nice to everyone mostly as an effort to keep things moving quickly… someone complains? Whatever have a nice day and be on your way. Was pretty effective for people looking to randomly set up an argument so they can troll you, but if you never crack and are overly polite (but not terribly helpful) they quickly give up.


That was how my Subway used to be until a friendly Indian fellow named Sunny took over. He immediately set up a Ganesh shrine behind the counter and started offering things like a tikka masala sub. He remembered every customer and their regular orders, even if you hadn’t been in in months. I remember going in once and ordering Seafood & Crab, and he sniffed it and shook his head, “I’m sorry sir. The rules say I can still sell this to you, but it smells slightly off. I would never forgive myself if my food made you ill. Please, is there anything else you would like?” It’s amazing how terrific service can even elevate a Subway to someplace you want to visit.


Wow, that was painful to watch.


“What would you like today, ma’am?”

“The usual.”


Please tell me this was a setup, and the Subway employees were in on it.


Wow… That’s just repulsive.

I’m trying hard not to think about what parent would intentionally leave those poor kids with that rude, foul mouthed homophobic troll.


That’s not actually true. I wonder if it was ever anything other than a racist joke?