In Kabul, store mannequins are hooded, masked, or beheaded

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I saw “beheaded” and thought for a second maybe they bring them to the stadium and do a public execution.


Another, in a red gown elaborately embroidered in gold, was almost elegant in a mask of red velvet with a gold crown on her head.

This sounds way more like something that would be worshiped, albeit in a sort of Lovecraftian way.


Isn’t the rest of the mannequin also an “image of the human form”? Or does tthat portion of the “human form” being covered by clothing exempt it from the law?

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Knowing your customer is the first step in effective marketing…


Not an unreasonable assumption. Empty spectacles of stupidity are common when religious fundies take power.


The whole thing just sounds like they’re deliberately being assholes for shits and giggles.


Gee, I dunno, it’s not uncommon to see mannequins without heads by default anywhere


Maybe they can make eldritch spider-folk mannequins and put clothes on those


No level of control is too small for these regimes. Anywhere they can tighten their fist and exert their power, they will do so.

I can’t pretend that my experience being raised in a small, church-run school was as oppressive as living under the Taliban, but the long list of rules covering the tiniest of infractions feels familiar.

Organized religions, in my opinion, are abhorrent and should be ended.


The head just adds weight and costs. Theoretically a stylist could pair a hat or a pair of sunglasses if she had a head to work with. But sometimes it just makes dressing the form more awkward.


That’s an innovative solution. Wonder where they got the inspiration?

Oh, eta /s.

The Taliban are acting on the authority of in-depth knowledge of the Koran and of 1980’s Andrew McCarthy movies.


Not all organized religion. Let’s not forget that the Quakers were an organized religion, that Dr. King led a church (several, over his short career), that John Brown was a preacher, etc. I think we have to call out the horrific (like you and others faced with their religious upbringing, like the Taliban, the House of Saud, the Imams in Iran, etc), and still recognize that people of faith, even in organized religion, can be on the side of liberation and freedom.


In a real which came first question, does todays republican party take cues from the taliban or do the talibanners get their ideas from the republicans. Tough one to call I know. Maybe it’s a share and share a like kind of situation. Ah well, all in the name of good old god.

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for entirely serious and deliberate repressive purposes.


My comment did overreach, lumping all religions together is narrow-minded on my part. In my experience, religion was oppressive and overbearing, but it is probably different for many other people.


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I certainly don’t think that’s wrong, because it’s true, and not just for you, but for many people… It’s just not true of all religion, I’d argue.


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