In Mexico, police find 4 severed heads left in coolers


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Brought to you by the DEA.


I thought similar - when drugs wouldn’t be strictly forbidden the black market profits would be lower. Smuggling would still be an issue (see cigarettes) but the profits would be much lower; I believe low enough to drying up the drug cartels.


Now that’s a “sick” sense of humor.


There would still be some black market drugs like there is black market booze - but no one is killing people for moonshine anymore.


plus the markets for black market booze, heroin, and cocaine is smaller than the one for black market weed. Cannabis has way more consumers, but less and less of them go for the Cartels’ stuff every year


The bad guys hope Cooler Heads will prevail.


Par for the course anyway. I’m reading Zero Zero Zero, and even after reading about bunches of the stuff that goes on in Mexico, the book is pretty tough to get thru.


n-ice joke.

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