In Paraguay, the "heist of the century" is blamed on a notorious Brazilian prison-gang

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Not Panama, Paraguay. Not Panama River, Paraná River. Panama doesn’t even border Brazil. No man, no plan, no canal.


The title says “Panama” the the heist happened in Paraguay. Please correct. thanks!


A dog, a plan, a canal, pagoda?


So all they got away with was $40 million?

Pfft. I don’t see why that is a big deal.

Carmen Sandiego once stole the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Now that is the heist of the century.


Well they will probably get a movie deal too.

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Brazillian prison gang?

This is how Michael Bay withdraws money from his bank account.


Big deal, Donald Trump once stole the Oval Office and a Supreme Court seat.


I am Brazilian, and PCC is something from a Cyberpunk Favela version of Fast & Furious. In Brazil they stole $ 75 Million in a single heist, and for a few months they fought each other, with tortures and mutilations, to grab more money from “partners”. Just yesterday, police stopped a plan they had to rescue their godfather from prison, using drones, snipers, armored cars and explosives to literally go through prison walls and kill pursuers. They operate from prison, where they have lots of tech (off-the-shelf but effective). They act on all levels of crime, mostlydrug dealing, large heists, bank heists and cargo theft, but they are also responsible to curb violence in cities against citizens (like small thefts and house breaks), because those are crimes that upset the population. Instead, they use technology to con people, using cell phone calls and more recently WhatsApp. They are famous for fake kidnappings getting a few thousand dollars in ransom from pretending they kidnapped a relative. Hollywood stuff.

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