Brazil's authoritarians charge Glenn Greenwald with cybercrime for publishing leaks that revealed corruption at the highest levels

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Given what happened to Marielle Franco, this is alarming. While I have some mild criticisms of Greenwald and The Intercept, this is a blatant political prosecution antithetical to the rule of law. I hope he and his family remain safe and aren’t driven out Brazil by its fascist president.


This story should stand as a warning of where we are headed if current “progress” is not reversed. I have stated before that 2020 may be our last chance to avoid a fascist takeover without violence. Trumpists will look at this as a blueprint for their own future control of information distribution.


Yeah, I’m not all that happy about Greenwald’s behavior in the age of Trump, but that’s irrelevant. This is undeserved, deeply troubling, and all around unacceptable action from the Brazilian prosecutors.


Yeah, the number of doofuses who were piling on Greenwald yesterday was troubling. Brazil going down the road to fascist authoritarianism is a hell of a lot bigger deal than Greenwald being a self-righteous boob.


I wouldn’t personally go that far; I just have some issues with his lapses in being careful to protect sources. But yeah, that doesn’t excuse political prosecution, and anyone who’d imagine it does exhibits the kind of astounding shortsightedness that will be engraved in the collective headstone of humanity if things continue to go as they have.

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Where we already are, and have been for years, you mean? As far as I can tell , this is almost exactly the same justification that the DOJ is using to try to extradite Assange, and if you think a hypothetical Clinton DOJ wouldn’t have done the same thing, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. This is about way more than Trump. Our security apparat has been on this path for ages, with the full support of both major parties.

I know mainstream members of both parties who fully support extraditing Assange, without a hint of cognitive dissonance, because he’s embarrassed politicians they like.


That’s the “progress” I refer to. Trump did not invent this track, but is taking it to a new level. Obama did some of this, Bush and Shrub did, as well as Clinton. Civil liberties are not a bonus in our system, they are the system.

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