The corrupt Brazilian prosecutors who locked up Lula now want to release him, to make him less sympathetic

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The task force, and its “Operation Car Wash,” locked up many prominent Brazilians, including some of the nation’s untouchable oligarchs, as well as Lula’s anointed protege Dilma Rouseff and her pro-austerity, pro-billionaire successor, Michael Temer.

Actually, neither Mr. Temer nor Mrs. Rousseff have been jailed - Temer spent five days in preventive detention but has yet to be indicted and Rousseff was never a target of Operation Car Wash - in fact, she was infamously impeached without a crime, a situation that enraged people on both sides of the issue - those who believe she did in fact commit a crime and those who believe she should not have been impeached if she was not found to be in breach of legislation.


Lula is NOT a choir boy, but Bolsonaro will make him a saint before he’s finished fuc#ing Brazil up…


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Interesting, how this fail to mention all the trillions of reais that were stolen from the Brazilian people by Lula quite literally with the help of his extremely corrupt workers party… This mentally is what keep these oligarchs in power. It is a shame.


Yes, burning the Brazilian Rainforest to the ground is a shame. Money can be replaced, but the forest will be destroyed for generations to come, as you well know.


Fucking embarrassing to see another country with leaders who finally find spines and consciences, and take a stand against the ultrarich powermad elite who don’t give a damn if they destroy their own country as long as they get to enjoy their ill-gotten loot, but in the USA we have a government where more than half those in power still make a philosophy and a religion of giving legal head to rich, corrupt, anti-human assholes whose agenda is to build more mansions on the rights and the bodies of anyone who isn’t a millionaire.


It would be, if not for the fact that the yearly dry season fires are at a 10 year average low at the Amazon :wink: you have to check your facts before vomiting bs at people less informed than you.


This didn’t happen in Brazil.
The worker’s party adopted a conciliatory stance even before the elections in 2002.
The poverty reduction was a result of some specific policies and the boom of commodities driven mostly by China.
The rich and ultra-rich profited even more.




Well done sir, accusing others of being uninformed, then posting two links which both directly contradict your claim.

The Forbes link expressly does not assert that this year’s fires are a ten year low of anything. It says “While the number of fires in 2019 is indeed 80% higher than in 2018, it’s just 7% higher than the average over the last 10 years ago” (Nepstad)

Whether Nepstad is indicating the interval from 1999-2009, or from 2009-2019 is up for debate, but 7% higher than a mean is obviously not a low. However, 2003 to 2008 were the peak years of Amazon deforestation.

And then, your second link reiterates the same, that 2019 is the worst year since 2012 (the start of the VIIRS data set from satellites) and is not as bad as 2003-2008 (using the older data set MODIS)

“Cumulative active fire detections from May 1st through August 28th from MODIS (Aqua + Terra) and VIIRS (SNPP) confirm that the 2019 fire season has the highest fire count since 2012 (the start of the VIIRS record) across the Legal Amazon. In addition, fires in 2019 are more intense than previous years, measured in terms of fire radiative power, consistent with the observed increase in deforestation… The reported increase in deforestation in 2019 is also not at the level of clearing mapped by INPE during 2003-2008. Thus, MODIS fire counts to date in 2019 are a remarkable departure from recent years, but not a record for fire activity during the MODIS era.”

So it appears you are the one vomiting bs. Unless you want to claim that your “10 year average low” is supposed to mean that these last 10 years, have been somewhat better than the 10 years previous. If so, I think you should look into the common tactic, of people who peddle disinformation, of using selection bias and cherry-picking of data.


This reading was hilarious. An outrageous lie, but hilarious. The most passionate partisanship pro labors party I’ve read in a while. Bolsonaro can be as disgusting as you say, but Lula is still the head of a corrupt criminal scheme, that costed millions to the most economically vulnerable Brazilians.


This reading was hilarious. An outrageous lie, but hilarious. The most passionate partisanship pro militia party I’ve read in a while. Lula can be as disgusting as you say, but Bolsonaro is still the head of a corrupt criminal scheme, that costed the life to the most economically vulnerable Brazilians.


Post do not contradict themselves, the forbes post is to explain that the Amazon is not the “lungs of the world” as I keep hearing the second post has a 15 year historical, in which 2019 is a 10 year average, not as for your cherry-picking post (Cumulative active fire detections from May 1st through October 1st from MODIS (Aqua + Terra) and VIIRS (SNPP) show that fire detections in 2019 have fallen below cumulative levels of fire activity detected in 2012 (less fires from May to October but more in September))I don’t know if the fact that I know personally some of the firefighters that work in the area fighting this fires constitutes as cherry-picking, you can try to deflect all you want to distract from the original post that defends a corrupt socialist dictator, in the end: The Amazon fires are seasonal just like the fires in British Columbia and Lula still a corrupt socialist wannabe Dictator.

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Wow, Bolsonaro just took power, Lula and his corrupt bunch were in power for almost 16 years and Bolsonaro did in less than a year way more than those crooks did in 16. For your entertaining and you can check yourself. Lula cut his own little finger to retire in to disability. (unless off course, you are one of the people sucking of the government tits?)

You may disagree with the worker’s party policies, but claim something like that is beyond stupid.

If you want to start pointing this kind of moral flaws you need to remember that Bolsonaro is no less than a terrorist.


Of course I disagree with dictatorship and creating oligarchs. Please explain to me how is Bolsonaro a terrorist, when Lula is the one in jail and the workers party is the one who tried to assassinate Bolsonaro, it’s beyond me how this is still not beying investigated.

He was expelled from the army because he planned to blow an army quarter.

It was investigated and nothing was found.
The most they got was that Adélio had joined PSOL (and not PT) some time ago, but he was not a regular member for some time before the attempted assassination.
The case was closed some months ago, and Bolsonaro didn’t appeal the decision that considered Adélio mentaly incapacitated to go to jail (he is at a psychiatric hospital, or something like that) and didn’t found any party involvement.

You need to read more before start making this kind of claim.

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You need to read more before start making this kind of claim. ;p
ps.: Some people are idealizing Bolsonaro, like you are idealizing Lula, I say they are politicians and work for the people (or at least that is what they supposed to do) therefore, we should take everything they say with a grain of salt, never mind the polarization BS, what matters is: do any of this politicians have the best interest of the population in mind? IMHO, no, all they care is about themselves, same happened in the US (the democrats messed up so bad that they ended up getting Trump), food for thought.

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My mistake.
I remembered that he was punish for planning that and the he receives a pension from the army, but I never made the connection that it would mean that he was not expelled.
Despite that, he is still a terrorist for planning that.

Read my replies more carefully.
The one you replied to is clearly mocking the one before.
I’ve no idea how you think I’m idealizing Lula and you are neutral while claiming something as absurd as that Bolsonaro already accomplished more than the worker’s party government.
You have a blinding hate for Lula and the worker’s party and it is making you see any claim that do not demonize them as an appraisal for them.