After a coup, a judgment: Brazil's "interim president" barred from holding office for 8 years

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From the linked-to article:
“Last night at an event in Rio de Janeiro, I was asked – as I always am at such events – about possible U.S. involvement in the change of government. Here is 4 minutes of my answer:”

Worth watching, and forwarding.


Not a single mention of involvement of Dilma Rousseff (and members of your party) in the major corruption scandal of Brazil’s history (“Petrolão”); the campaign lies and the fiscal fraud (“Pedaladas”) using money of state banks to sustain social programs affectin electoral preferences between the beneficiaries — in Brazil, this is against the law.

And worst, Dilma put Brazil with economic indicators lower than in 80’s, a period of hyperinflation, called “lost decade”.


Why only her?

“352: the number of Brazilian members of Congress under investigation on corruption charges” including 65 members on the impeachment commission.

Again, why only her?


It’s sad that people are starting to refuse to go to the olympics because of a mosquito virus, and not because of the extreme-rightwing overthrow of a new, democratically elected government.


In Brazil run a system called “politic of coalition”, there is a situation and there is a oposition, running not by politic ideology but pure convenience. It is desastrous. The PT — “worker’s party” came to power with promisse to correct him… But they just embraced the system.

It is foolhardy politicians envolved on corruption schemas judge another politicians envolved in the same or others schemas. But Brazil urges correct the politic system. One politician per time, if necessary.

By the way, the population approves the investigations and the impeachment process. In the current situation, the “Lava Jato” investigation bears similiarities with the italian investigation, “Manu Pullite”.

The party of interim presidente, PMDB, is not rightwing. Is center-left. They compose a coligation to run election in 2010 and 2014; the PMDB is allies of PT from 2002’s election.

On Brazil, supporters of Rousseff claims against the Temer, but opposers remember by the vote to elect Rousseff, vote in Temer too because him was her vice president.

And the Olympics… Brazil are in a huge economic crise and is paying (higher prices, a tradition on government’s business) a World Cup and a Olympics. Lula da Silva and Rousseff, both of PT, work hardly to bring this festivals to Brasil. In World Cup, they let FIFA catch all the profits, without any cent of taxation.

They should cancel the Olympics not by the Zika, not by the Impeachment. But because is a huge waste of money.


That still doesn’t answer my question: Why only her?

Well, not really only her, as Temer is banned from running in elections for eight years, because his political contributions were higher than his income permitted. This doesn’t stop him from being president.

I’m sure that if I took the time (which I won’t) to go through the full list of Brazilian politicians under investigation, I’d find much more serious crimes.


I use to have a lot of respect for Greenwald and I still do for a lot of things but he doesn’t seem to understand anything about Brazilian politics despite or maybe because he is living here.
Temer was never barred for 8 years. This is ridiculous! He would not be in office if he was. You can see the facts about it in this translated page if you want (it’s in the fourth or fifth paragraph).,o-jogo-sujo-da-desinformacao,10000053910&usg=ALkJrhi4bBLQe0x9l3oaWG0AsfDAw6hW4Q

And to answer the other question in this thread, this has never been just about Dilma. This is what it’s about: Every politician has be to held accountable. I don’t hold any politician in good graces if they are corrupt. Things have to start somewhere. It has to start from Dilma. Cunha (speaker of the house) hopefully will also be convicted. I hope Renan will be as well (president of the senate, he has 12 investigations stuck in the Supreme Court). If Temer goes next, let him go. I won’t be cheering for him to stay on.

Finally unless Temer resigns or is impeached there is currently no law that allows for new elections.

The wealthy population, or the non-wealthy population?

Because I’m hearing different stories. I certainly haven’t heard anybody (in Brazil, except you) implying it was unanimous.


Who are you responding to, here?


Temporarily removed chief executive of the country for alleged corruption
Removed next chief executive for 8 years for confirmed corruption…

And this is where we want to send our best athletes to?

There’s a solution for that problem. Become President without standing for election.

Is not only her.

Eduardo Cunha who accept que impeachment process, is no longer president of Lower House because respond the processing of corruption; Renan Calheiros, president of Higher House, is responding too; Aécio Neves, Rousseff’s opponent in last election, are the call to investigation accept in this week.

Rousseff has a impeachment process only because the “Pedaladas”, a fiscal fraud, condutec only by her and her economic staff. This names above is responding other investigations, some Rousseff respond too.

Temer is not banner to running the next elections. He is compromised to not, to gain support of PSDB, opponent of PT. Temer is banned only if the coalition with Rousseff is revoked — this is another process what Rousseff is responding (because money stolen of “Petrolão” schema). There is a low chance of this process continues after impeachment.

About list of brazilian politicians under investigation, is a huge. What is your suggestion: If a lot of them are dishonest, we should punish none?

Well, that’s sort of a problem with the Olympics. If you were choosing a place to hold a major international sporting event you’d think you’d want to look for foreseeable problems. Government corruption would top my list of things that might derail the whole event.

But the IOC itself is crazy corrupt. So corruption is actually in a country’s favour when trying to get the Olympics, because widespread corrupt means it’s easier to offer bribes or other rewards to the IOC. Basically they take the biggest possible red flag and count it as a plus.


I commented the article.

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At this point the Olympics is basically a giant graft-grubbing invasion of any country it lands in. I feel bad for Tokyo’s scheduled looting in 2020, but I just hope LA isn’t next in 2024. If the Olympics never comes to the US again, that will be quite soon enough. Condolences to Brazil.


Brazil has a huge social abysm, the wealthy class is a minority here. On the basis, the people give best popularity to Rousseff, but her disastrous economics guidelines led these people suffer more than any other.

A survey of Paraná Instituto de Pesquisa give 63,5% of Rousseff’s impeachment aprovall. This same Institute gave 81,5% of Rousseff’s government disapproval.

Isn’t that survey nearly 2 months old, “long” before the latest revelations came out?

As referenced in the original article, above, where it pointed out how public opinion polls have stopped being published lately?


There several revelations (most by delation of Lava Jato’s accused). And the numbers of government disapproval and impeachment approval has grown with time.

After Rousseff’s removal, in fact the polls stopped. As well the numerous street protest asking by impeachment.

A coup? I don’t think so. There a wars of public relations where is not in question the Rousseff’s honesty, but a simple defense of left ideology. Even details is a part of a huge conspiracy, they claim.