The neoliberal politicians who impeached Brazil's president and took over are imploding in spectacular corruption scandals

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We’re much more efficient in the US - we cut out the middleman pols and just put the billionaires directly in power.

This ain’t gonna end well.


“One of the billionaires behind the scandal is now finalizing a plea bargain in which he expected to name lots of names.”

Translation: One of the billionaires behind the scandal is likely to be found floating face-down in his own swimming pool by the end of the week.


"a stunning admission which Brazil’s big media completely ignored"
Because journalists like having a job, and they don’t like being found floating face down in a swimming pool.


Maybe they should go all “Escape from New York”, drop them into the favelas, and forget all about the rescue mission?


I am surprise.

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Does anyone ever wonder if these recent events are all connected?
I mean, c’mon, what were the odds of every corrupt political cabal out there running coups within the same year or so?

My money is on these monsters gathering resources for the construction of an ark to escape the messes they’ve made.

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Actually he is already behind the bars…

I’m sure Trump will refuse to be outdone in this.


Unfortunately, because the entire western media have been totally useless when reporting on South America, this soft coup was hardly news over here.


Hey, retroactive laws to absolve government officials or their cronies from charges? What country does Brazil think it is, Canada?


The swimming pool was figurative. He may still meet with an unhappy ‘accident’ sooner or later.


“Hey guys, the government is corrupt and Brazil deserves better. We’ll show you world class corruption.”


I know. But the strange aspect of this situation is that they are arresting rich people! Arresting rich people here, in Brazil. They even arrested two ex governors of Rio de Janeiro! And the list of people affraid of prison is very big…

I think they will need a lot of swimming pools…


I am shocked that Tony Bennett would be involved in such a thing!


People like to say that all politicians are corrupt, even when it’s only 60% our so, but in Brasil it might actually be true.

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I get a feeling that every time some nation does something incredibly stupid, 2016 USA says “Here, hold my drink”:


This article is making me sick! It’s completely fake. We, the Brazilian people impeached the psychopath Dilma Rousseff and her gang. They broke Brazil, millions of people are unemployed, the corruption went up risen, they placed and infiltrate everywhere… You know nothing about Brazil and your news are all fake like our midia which are fake too. Brazilians hate Dilma and her gang called PT meaning “workers party”… Should be narcocriminal and mafia party. Michel Temer is nothing, but took the place because of our constitution. We were feeling better with at least someone not sick. We gave him a chance. Our fight now is against the congress who wants to get away with their crimes and finish LavaJato. Michel? We do not want to waste our time on him now. Geddel, the minister, was with Dilma before. Nobody is honest, they are all corrupted but noboxy is more corrupted than communists, liberals like u call them. We call them PT! THIS MIDIA HETE IS ALSO FAKE AND COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA

He was arrested but made a deal. Give them names and drop some time from sentence kind of stuff.


Behold the Brazilian equivalent of a Trumper.