A trove of leaks show that Brazil's "anti-corruption" task force was secretly trying to oust Lula and install a far-right strongman

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Bolsonaro’s bullshit regime is falling apart, none too soon either.


World wide government FAILURES!


Is it though? I mean, look at Trump, I thought the rule of law was kind of a thing in the US, until him. I sort of assume it was even less so in Brazil.




So, business as usual? :unamused:


My computer is starting to get screen burn-in from the I’m shocked well not really that shocked Futurama Fry meme at this point


Temer is also implicated in “Car Wash”. In fact, a ton of people are implicated in that. And now, thanks to this piece of shit, we will not be able to tell who is rightfully there and who is there because they fudged enough stuff to make it so. Lula’s may or not be implied - the TL;DR is that the evidence was weak but the judge and the prosecutor “collaborated” to ensure it was taken as relevant.

Many thanks, you fucking corrupt asshole. Now we need Car Wash Wash


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Anyone really following the events and watching the interrogations with an open mind could see what was going on. The Intercept has much, much more material and will release it over time.

The bad side is that much of the Car Wash work really caught politicians and business people red-handed, and I wonder how this will affect their sentences.

Or not: many of them had entered plea bargains and are or will be free soon. The big losers are really Brazil’s democracy and economy, which has been on a Car Wash-infused depression for 5 years now.


For the people that may not know it, this Lava Jato/Car Wash stuff ended up being a corruption case that covered almost all of Latin America. In Perú, it caused indirectly the fall of president Kuczynski, who is now under investigation as well as expresident Humala and candidate Keiko Fujimori… and it would also include another expresident, Alan García, if he didnt commit suicide when he was going to be arrested. There are tendrils of the case in México, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela, all with different levels of investigation, from Ecuador where they more or less have investigated things, to Venezuela where the Maduro government basically has done nothing whatsoever at all, not even an fake investigation.

Thats what makes me most angry about this. Because, at least, we were under the idea that some light whats being shown on the enormous corruption in the region and somehow things would not be back to normal and some changes would have to be done… fucking naive us.


That makes the judge and prosecution actions even worse: they’ve hidden their own agendas on a perfect legitimate business, much like the people they were investigating have. That was a strategy to make the public swallow the whole meal: questioning parts of the process would make you a corrupt by association.


And now we will have the opposite, doubts about the whole deal or you are another kind of corrupt. And who is going to clean up this shit… and will they be cleaning up or “cleaning” up?

That is in the end the worst part of corruption like all this. It ends up destroying all trust.


Lula mirrors what happened to AL Gov. Don Siegelman.


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