Crisis for Bolsonaro's justice minister Sergio Moro after leaks reveal that he targeted Lula for political prosecution

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And gee, after The Intercept published this it looks like the Brazilian government has started investigating Glenn Greenwald for money laundering. If a dirty trick works once may as well keep using it, I guess.


Dirty doers don’t like their dirty deeds publicized! Fascists be like: “Don’t block my game, bitch!”

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That’s miserable. There are so many better things to go after Greenwald for:

  • Being a “RussiaGate” truther
  • Revealing or selling out multiple sources
  • Repeatedly showing up on Fox News as the token “liberal”
  • Having crappier opsec than my 5th grade niece

Okay. Probably not the kinds of things a country that feels slighted goes on the attack with.

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Was Lula’s downfall at our behest? Dilma Rouseff’s as well?

It’s very sad that the lefties are once more distorting the truth in order to defend the ones on their side. This article is an extreme lie in all senses! Bolsonaro isn’t a fascist, but is labelled by his opposition in order to damage his image.
Moro was facing the largest criminal organisation in the world history, in which Lula was clearly the boss. As a first instance judge he was challenging the whole government and most of the empowered people in Brazil. They were sistematically robbering the government funds and it was all proved. Over 13 billion reals have been returned to the country and many have been arrested for their corruption crimes. Now the left says that messages between the judge and the prossecutors without any reference to any money change or personal advantages are worse than stealing billions that were supposed to be used for the important matters that affect the Brazilian people, but were used to enrich a minority of politicians and business men. How far the left can go in twisting real facts just to defend their poor ideology? How long will it take for them to assume that we’ve plenty of examples that clearly show that the left doesn’t work, is dishonest, is corrupt! How many Venezuelas and Cubas need to exist for that?
I’m sad for my country, we wanted change, but the left won’t let it happen! They want their power back, no matter how much damage they caused to the country! It’s not about wanting things to go better for Brazil, the left want it better for them!
Sad, so sad…

Brazil is the dumpster fire of the future and always will be.

Hello MT. Welcome to BBs! That is an impressive safety yellow vest.


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